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7 reasons to love (and learn) coding

It’s not French, Spanish, or even English. The language on the lips of millions of employers these days is ‘code’ – and the truth is, anyone can grasp the basics. Why not add ‘learning to code’ to your absolutely-have-to-do-this list? 

OVO Coder Dojo laptop trains planes cars traffic

  1. All computers are controlled by lines of code
    They influence every aspect of our lives –  from phones, to cars, traffic lights, and planes. 

Coder dojo language OVO

  1. There are several kinds of coding language
    And they often work together. Thanks to HTML, you can read a blog post like this one. 

Coder dojo unicorn horse donkey ovo

  1. If you’re logical, you can learn to code
    Donkey, unicorn, horse – can you spot the odd one out? If so, you’ll probably master the basics. 
  2. Coding was invented by a woman
    Writer and mathematician Ada Lovelace – daughter of the poet Lord Byron – was the first person to devise an algorithm that could be processed by a machine1

Coder dojo OVO diploma

  1. Coding jobs are growing 12% faster than others2
    And computer science is now part of the national curriculum3
  2. It also has its goodies and baddies
    Coders who write malware are ‘hackers’. Those who commit crimes with it are “black-hat” hackers, while those writing programs to protect against malware are “white-hat hackers”.
  3. Coding has its roots in gaming
    Apple’s co-founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started coding as teenagers when they created the game, Breakout – the games industry is now worth more than the movies industry. 

And that’s where OVO comes in...

We host a free CoderDojo session once a month to teach children programming. Got kids? Then sign them up here for our next session in Bristol. Or find one near you

Of course the beauty of coding is that almost anyone can grasp the basics. So if you’re keen to try it yourself, we recommend this introductory course at Codecademy*. 

Happy coding. :-)


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