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Power your EV 
with solar energy

And with our V2G Charger, you can sell spare energy back to the grid.

Get paid more for your solar efforts

The clean, green energy you produce can do so much more with our V2G charger. We’ll pay you 26p for every kWh you export to the grid, as measured by your OVO Smart Meter.

Before you get the V2G Charger installed, you’ll need to waive your FiT deemed export payments, but don’t worry, your generation payments will be unaffected. For any kWh you export through the V2G Charger, the rate (p/kWh) you’ll receive from us will be at least 5x your current FiT deemed export rate1.

Microgeneration ready

Generating green energy in other ways? You can take part in our V2G trial with other types of microgeneration provided that the system is registered under the microgeneration certification scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

No – you’ll need to waive your deemed export payments, but your generation payments will be unaffected.


To take part in our trial, your microgeneration system needs to have a power output of less than 4kW and if you’re already on the FiT register, you need to have been registered for 12 months or longer. If you’re not currently FiT registered, you can still take part.

No – OVO don’t need to be your FiT licensee, so you can keep your current one but you will need to let them know that you’re waiving your export payments.

Terms & Conditions

For more pricing information and full terms and conditions, see here.

1The current FiT export rate is 5.24p/kWh and the rate we will credit your account with during the trial is 26p/kWh. 

Please note that your must waive any deemed export payments you receive from your current FiT licensee to take part in the trial. We cannot guarantee that the amount of actual household exports (as metered by your OVO Smart Meter) will be the same as or more than your deemed export paid by your FiT licensee. Therefore, there is a risk that you receive lower overall credit from us than you would have received from your FiT deemed export payment.

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