Secure Liberty 100 smart meters: a complete guide

07 January 2022 | OVO Energy

The Secure Liberty 100 smart meter is a pretty neat piece of kit. It has a communication hub to display your home’s dual fuel or single energy use. It offers a range of handy features, and a future-proof design. 

Although this smart meter was one of the first generation SMETS1 meters to be installed, all of them are now being remotely upgraded to work with all suppliers. Further remote firmware upgrades can update the features and functionality on the meter and communications hub, should it be necessary. The Secure Liberty 100 modules can also be replaced, to ensure your smart meter is always up to date. 

Benefits of the Secure Liberty 100 smart meter

With so many different smart meters around, it can be confusing. But if you have the Secure Liberty 100, you’re onto a good thing. It’s many features include:

  • A modular communication module:   This allows for multiple Wider Area Network (WAN) and Home Area Network (HAN) options. These networks make it possible for your smart meter to send your electricity and gas use data to your supplier or mobile phone. 
  • Multiple communication options: These options include long-range radio and GPRS.
  • Payment options to suit you: The Liberty 100 also gives customers the option to choose between credit and pay-as-you-go modules. They’re even able to remotely switch between these. The keypad accepts pay-as-you-go tokens if the Wider Area Network isn’t available, with the meter maintaining the tariffs and account information.
  • It’s simple to install: As well as being future-proof, thanks to its remote upgrades, the registration and pairing process for the Secure Liberty 100 is straightforward. 
  • It can help you cut down on your energy use: Once you’re all set up and ready to go, you’ll also be able to use the Secure Liberty 100 smart meter to monitor your energy use. This should give you the information you need to help make savings!

Will my Secure Liberty 100 smart meter work with OVO? 

At OVO, we can communicate with a wide range of smart meters to suit all our members. That includes Secure Liberty meters, such as the Secure Liberty 100, as well as the 110, and gas Secure Liberty EG4v10 models. So if you have a Secure Liberty smart meter and want to switch to OVO, there should be no problem. 

Secure Liberty 100 smart meter manual

The Secure Liberty 100 smart meter keypad has a few different displays, which you can view by selecting the numbered buttons on the keypad. You can find a detailed explanation of the Secure Liberty 100/110 keypad functions here, but as a quick breakdown, the button displays include:

  1. Cost of consumption by day: what your energy usage is costing you on a daily basis
  2. Cost of consumption by week: your energy usage costs on a weekly basis 
  3. Cost of consumption by month: the cost of your energy usage on a monthly basis
  4. Historic data on cost of consumption and units: how much energy you have used and what it has cost you in the past

When it comes to how to read a Secure Liberty 100 meter though, it’s the button labelled 6 on your keypad that you’ll need to use. You can find out more on how to check a meter reading on a Secure Liberty 100 below. 

As well as the different numbered buttons, you’ll also see a blue A and red B button on the keypad. The A button is for prepayment customers, and has multiple functions. It activates vend mode, which lets you manually add credit to your smart meter. It can also be used to start the reconnection process (to get your supply reconnected), or enable Emergency Credit, which gives you extra credit to make sure your energy supply isn’t stopped. 

The B button can be used to activate auto scroll display, mute the alarm, or confirm supply reconnection, amongst other functions. You can find more details in your user manual.

How to read a Secure Liberty 100 meter

When it comes to taking a Secure Liberty 100 meter reading, you’ll need to select the button labelled 6 on the keypad. You’ll see the following information:

  • Your tariff name
  • Daily standing charge
  • Active rate register(s)
  • Consumption and cost per unit recorded

All you need to do is press the 6 button until you see IMP R01 on the display. This will be your R1 reading, which is your day reading. If you are on an Economy 7 electricity tariff, you can click the button again to see IMP R02, which signifies your R2 reading – or night reading. 

If you wish to take a note of these meter readings, you can write them down, ignoring any numbers after the decimal point. Remember though that with the Wide Area Network (WAN) and Home Area Network (HAN) features, the Secure Liberty 100 smart meter can securely send your energy use data to your supplier for you, without you having to lift a finger!

Secure Liberty 100 smart meter FAQs

The Secure Liberty 100 smart meter is a SMETS1 meter, the first generation of smart meters. 

SMETS2 is the next generation, and current industry standard. While SMETS1 meters use 3G sim cards which make switching supplier with a smart meter difficult, SMETS2 meters are cross-compatible. This means it’s easy to switch suppliers without changing meters.

The good news is that although these meters areSMETS1, they’re currently being upgraded. These upgrades are happening remotely, so you don’t have to do anything. Once the upgrade is done, you can enjoy all the benefits and features of an SMETS2 meter. The process of upgrading Secure Liberty 100 smart meters began at the start of 2021, and is expected to be complete by March 2022.

It’s always stressful when there’s a light blinking at you on your smart meter and you can’t figure out why. There’s a few reasons why a light might be flashing on your Secure Liberty 100. Don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong. 

The LED light labeled WAN above the display will flash to show how strong your WAN connection is. If it flashes 5 times before pausing, your connection is strong. 1 or 2 flashes means it’s a weak connection, and a solid light means there’s no WAN. In that case, your meter isn’t connected to a network and won’t be transferring data. You can follow the S1 smart meter health check to troubleshoot and resolve your issue.

The HAN LED light is next to the WAN one, and might also be flashing. If this is the case, your Secure Liberty 100 smart meter will not be connected to HAN. A solid light confirms that your gas meter is secured to the HAN. If it’s flashing, you’ll need to diagnose the issue with the health check guide above.

Finally, the light to the right of the keypad will most likely be flashing continuously. This is known as the metrology light, and it’s nothing to worry about. It simply means there’s electricity running through the meter.

OVO Greenlight: easy wins for a greener home

Thanks to a smart meter you’ll get the best of OVO Greenlight. We’ll use its regular readings to show you exactly where your energy goes – and bring you personalised energy-saving tips too! Good times.

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