Secure Liberty 100 smart meters: a complete guide

07 January 2022 | OVO Energy

The Secure Liberty 100 smart meter is a pretty neat piece of kit. It comes with a communication hub that displays your home’s energy use, and loads more handy features – all in a future-proof design. 

Benefits of the Secure Liberty 100 smart meter

Here are some of the features that make your smart meter so clever: 

  • Communication module – this makes it possible for your smart meter to send your energy data to your supplier or mobile phone, through the Wider Area Network (WAN) or Home Area Network (HAN)
  • Different communication options – including long-range radio and GPRS.
  • Payment options to suit you – choose between Direct Debit and pay-as-you-go, or switch between the two remotely. The keypad accepts pay-as-you-go tokens if the Wider Area Network (WAN) isn’t available. And your meter will remember your tariffs and account information.
  • Easy to install – as well as being future-proof, registering and pairing your Secure Liberty 100 is simple. 
  • Helps you use less energy – once everything’s set up, your smart meter can help you keep track of your energy use and spot ways to save. 

Will my Secure Liberty 100 smart meter work with OVO? 

At OVO, we connect with all kinds of smart meters, including Secure Liberty ones. Like the Secure Liberty 100, 110, and gas Secure Liberty EG4v10 models. So if you have a Secure Liberty smart meter and want to switch to OVO – no problem! 

Secure Liberty 100 smart meter manual

The Secure Liberty 100 comes with different displays. You can choose which display you want to see by pressing the numbers on the keypad. Check our guide for all of the keypad functions, or here’s a quick breakdown: 

  1. Cost of your energy use by day 
  2. Cost of your energy use by week 
  3. Cost of your energy use by month
  4. Your historic data – this is the amount of energy you’ve used, and how much it cost

When you want to read your Secure Liberty 100, you press number 6. We’ve got lots more info on this coming up. 

As well as the numbers, you’ll also see a blue “A” and red “B” button on the keypad. 

“A” is for Pay As You Go customers. It activates vend mode, so you can add credit to your smart meter. It can also reconnect your supply or enable emergency credit.

The “B” button can be used to start the auto-scroll display, mute the alarm, confirm your supply reconnection, and more. 

How to read a Secure Liberty 100 meter

When it’s time to take a meter reading, press number 6 on the keypad. Then you’ll see this info come up:

  • Your tariff name
  • Daily standing charge
  • Active rate register(s)
  • Consumption and cost per unit recorded

All you need to do is press number 6 until you see “IMP R01” on the display. This will be your R1 reading, which is your day reading. If you’re on an Economy 7 electricity tariff, you can press 6 again to see “IMP R02” – this is your R2 reading or your night reading. 

If you want to note down these meter readings, you can ignore any numbers after the decimal point. But remember – with the Wide Area Network (WAN) and Home Area Network (HAN) features, your smart meter can send off your energy use data for you.

Is the Secure Liberty 100 an SMETS2 meter?

No – it’s actually an SMETS1, which means it’s part of the first generation of smart meters. SMETS2 is the next generation, and the current industry standard. 

But good news: all SMETS1 smart meters have now been upgraded remotely so they work like SMETS2s. That means your Secure Liberty 100 is compatible with all energy suppliers, and will keep working even if you switch.  

What should I do if there’s a flashing light on my Secure Liberty 100 smart meter?

Don’t panic! A flashing light doesn’t always mean there’s something wrong. But there are a few reasons why this might be happening. 

If your WAN light is flashing

The LED light labelled “WAN” above the display will flash to show you how strong your connection is:

  • If it flashes 5 times before pausing, your connection is strong 
  • 1 or 2 flashes means it’s a weak connection
  • And a solid light means your meter isn’t connected to the network, so it won’t be sending data. If that’s the case, you can do a smart meter health check to find the problem. 

If your HAN light is flashing

The HAN LED light is next to the WAN one, and might be flashing too. That means your smart meter isn’t connected to the Home Area Network. We also cover this in our health check guide

Why your metrology light is flashing 

The light to the right of the keypad will probably be flashing continuously. This is the metrology light, and it’s nothing to worry about. It just means there’s electricity running through the meter.

Secure Liberty 100 smart meter FAQs