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Moving into a new home

If you’re a Pay as you Go customer, we’re here to help everything go as smoothly as possible with your move. If you pay monthly, find out more about moving here.

What to do and when

1. Take meter readings on the day you move in

Take a photo or note them down somewhere safe so you can share them with us later. If you don’t have meter readings, we’ll estimate them or take a smart meter reading for you.

2. Check who supplies your new home

If OVO already supplies your new home, skip to step 3 to get in touch. If you had an OVO plan at your last address, we’ll close that account for you and open a new one at this address.

If you’re not sure who supplies your home, use our guide to find out. And if your meter isn’t with OVO but you’d like to join, you can switch to us.

3. Get in touch with us shortly after you move

We know moving is a busy time - so get in touch when you can, via online chat or phone, on the day or afterwards. So we can help you quickly, please have a few details ready.

We'll ask you:

  • the date you moved in

  • for meter readings from your move-in date

  • the full address and postcode of your new home

  • if you’d like a smart meter, if there isn’t one already installed

4. We'll get your account set up

We’ll email you a welcome pack with everything you need to know about your plan, rates and how to top up. If previous residents left any top-up keys or cards, please throw these away. You’ll need to top-up using the details we send you as they’re linked to your OVO account.

Got other Pay as you Go questions?

Our Pay as you Go hub covers everything from help with your meter to payments and topping up. Or head to the Pay As You Go OVO Forum to see what others are asking.

Ask the OVO Forum

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Still need help?

If you have a gas leak, power cut, or Pay As You Go emergency, get emergency help.