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Self Service Reward

See how much you can save by managing your energy online.

Just a heads-up: if you’re thinking of joining us or want to renew your plan (lucky us!), it’s good to know that our Self-Service Reward won’t be available anymore from the 29th July 2019. Instead, we’ll do something smarter – and include these savings into your energy plan. But if you're on an All Online plan, the reward will still be yours until your contract ends.


What’s the Self Service Reward?

If you manage your energy online and only call us when there’s an emergency, then you’re helping us cut our costs. We think it’s only right that we pass some of these savings onto you, which is what the Self Service Reward is all about.

How do I get the reward?

If you’re on a fixed rate, All Online plan, then every ‘three month calendar quarter’ you have a chance to earn £7.50 per fuel, which can add up to £60 per year. Here’s what you need to do...

1. Manage your account online

Have a valid email address, receive all communications electronically, and manage your account through My OVO or the OVO Energy app, rather than via email or on the phone. Please call if you have an emergency though (this won’t affect your reward)!

2. Pay by Direct Debit

Make sure it’s on time and at the recommended amount (or more) each month.

3. Submit regular meter readings online

Give a meter reading at least once every three months (unless you have a smart meter, which will do this for you automatically).

If you do all the above for a ‘three month calendar quarter’ then we’ll credit your account with £7.50 per fuel. You’ll get the reward within 15 days after the end of the quarter, and you’ll also see it on your next statement.

What’s a calendar quarter?

Calendar quarters are three month periods running from 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October each year.

What happens if I don’t meet the requirements?

You won’t get the reward that ‘quarter’, but you’ll still be able to get it in the future if you meet the requirements above.

As an example:

If your Direct Debit payment failed in November, you forgot to submit a meter reading online, or you called us to ask for a copy of your bill, you wouldn’t receive the Self Service Reward of £7.50 (or £15 if you’re a dual fuel customer) for the October to December quarter. 

This would also mean that the estimated monthly saving stated in your initial quote would be reduced by £2.50 per fuel for that quarter.

You’d still be able to get the reward for the January to March quarter (and all the future quarters), if you met the requirements though.

Are there any times when I can contact OVO and keep the reward?

Yes. In these instances it wouldn’t be fair to disqualify you from the reward, so you’ll still be eligible:

  • In an emergency.

  • If you can’t ‘self serve’ because our tools (e.g. My OVO) are broken or unavailable.

  • If you want to complain.

Do the prices you quoted me include the Self Service Reward?

If you select a fixed rate, All Online plan, then we assume you’ll manage your account online, so we include the Self Service Reward in your initial quote. We make sure we flag this on the quote page, so you know this is the case.


If you join OVO part way through a quarter and meet the requirements for the reward, it’ll be pro-rated based on when you signed up.


Why do you want me to manage my account online?

We want to encourage anyone who’s happy to manage their account online to do so, for a few different reasons.

  1. It helps us to reduce costs. This means we can keep your rates as low as possible in the short-term, and invest in our vision of cheap, green energy for everyone in the long-term.

  2. It makes our call centre better for those who need it. The waiting times are shorter, it’s easier to maintain a high standard, and we can afford to spend longer on the phone helping our customers out.

  3. Technology is at the core of our vision for the future of energy. We want our customers to be using and giving feedback on the tech we’re creating, so we can make it as good as it can be.


What happened to the old Online Discount?

We replaced the Online Discount with the Self Service Reward on 1st October 2018.

We loved the idea of the Online Discount, but the only way we could enforce it was by removing it from customers who didn’t follow the rules. This just didn’t feel right to us.

We decided to keep the spirit, but flip the concept on its head with the Self Service Reward – so instead of a discount you could lose, it became a reward you could receive.

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