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Self Service Reward

Discover how much you can save with our Self Service Reward.

Please note, the Self Service Reward replaced the old Online Discount from 1st October 2018.


Does OVO offer a Self Service Reward?

Yes, so when we save, you save!

If you follow our simple guidelines for the Self Service Reward you will help us reduce our  costs – and we can pass the savings onto you as a reward.

Currently the Self Service Reward is up to £30 a year for one fuel or £60 a year for both fuels. It’s paid quarterly as a credit on your bill of up to £7.50 per fuel (subject to following the guidelines).


How do I get the Self Service Reward?

Then to earn the reward you need to do just three simple things:

  1. Self-serve and manage your account online. This includes having a valid email address at all times, receiving all communications electronically, and using our great online tools such as My OVO and the OVO Energy app where possible, instead of contacting us (whether by phone, email or otherwise) except in the case of an emergency.
  2. Pay your direct debit on time and at least the recommended amount (or more) each month; and
  3. Provide meter readings online at least once every three months (unless you have a communicating smart meter which will do this for you automatically).

We will check at the end of every three-month calendar quarter if you’ve qualified for the reward. And if you have we’ll credit £7.50 per fuel to your account. Simple!

If you don’t meet these rules in a calendar quarter, don’t worry, you won’t lose the reward for the rest of the year. We’ll still apply the Self Service Reward to your account the next time you have met the rules in a full calendar quarter*.

Terms and Conditions apply.


Do the prices you quoted me include the Self Service Reward?

If you select a fixed rate, All Online plan, we’ll include the Self Service Reward as part of your initial quote. 

However, if you don’t meet the Self Service Reward rules in a calendar quarter, you will not be credited with the reward at the end of that quarter. For example:

If your Direct Debit payment failed in November, you forgot to submit a meter reading online, or you called us to ask for a copy of your bill, you would not receive the Self Service Reward of £7.50 (or £15 if you are a dual fuel customer) for the quarter October to December. 

This would also mean that the estimated monthly saving stated in your initial quote would be reduced by £2.50 per fuel for the affected quarter.


How will this affect my bills?

If you meet the rules and earn the Self Service Reward in a calendar quarter, a credit of £7.50 (or £15 if you are a dual fuel customer) will be added to your account within 15 days after the end of each quarter and you will see this on your next bill after the quarter ends. 

However, if you don’t receive the Self Service Reward one calendar quarter, we will still apply the Self Service Reward to your bill following the next quarter in which you have met the rules*.

* Calendar quarters are three month periods running from 1st January, 1st April and 1st July and 1st October each year. The first calendar quarter will run from 1st October to 31st December 2018 (inclusive). 

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