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Better Smart

Our lowest rate, powered by a smart meter

Join us on our lowest rate with the Better Smart energy tariff – a special offer for new members who don't yet have a smart meter. See if you can save up to £158 a year on your energy bills1 and cut carbon – with 100% renewable electricity2, and a tree planted in your name every year3.

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Not got a smart meter yet? Find out why Better Smart could be the carbon-kicking energy tariff for you...

Cut your carbon footprint

With 100% renewable electricity on all our plans, as standard2

Tree-planting power

A carbon-busting tree planted for you every year3

Cut energy waste, carbon, and bills

With the help of a next-generation (SMETS2) smart meter – that works with all suppliers

Access our green upgrade

Fight carbon, plant more trees, and protect rainforests – with OVO Beyond4

Interested? It's easy to switch

Smart meters are energy-saving dream machines! By allowing you to track your energy use, smart meters encourage you to make small changes to waste less energy – cutting bills and carbon emissions. A win for the world and your wallet! Check them out here.

And yes, this plan is for new members who don’t have a smart meter yet. To stay on the Better Smart plan, you need to book a smart meter appointment within 3 months of your plan start date. All Better Smart members will get the latest generation smart meter (SMETS2). 

You can find out all about smart meter installations here – including what happens on the day, and who installs them. 

We're committed to giving our members the best smart meter experience around – in fact, we won the ‘Best Smart Meter Experience’ at the 2020 Uswitch Energy Awards.

To stay on our Better Smart plan for the full 1-year contract, you need to get your smart meter fitted by us within the first 3 months of joining. If this doesn’t happen, you’ll automatically join Simpler Energy (our variable rate plan) from the start of the 4th month. Don’t worry – there’ll be no exit fee. And you’ll be free to choose one of our other plans, or leave OVO. Although of course we hope you’ll stay!

If the smart meter isn’t fitted because of a technical issue outside of your control, or lack of availability on our part, you can stay on Better Smart for the rest of the contract.

Smart meters come with an optional (and free of charge) In-Home Display, which shows you how much energy you’re using – and what it’s costing. You can see how much you’ve used over the last hours, days, weeks or months. 

The Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) is a set of rules and standards that make sure that you get a great experience and quality of service when you’re having your smart meter installed. 

At OVO, we've signed up to this code of practice (of course). And naturally we always do our best to ensure our engineers are fully trained to give you an excellent service.

The code covers many parts of the installation process, like:

  • Helping you understand how to use your smart equipment, so you can get the most from it.
  • Making sure our engineers are trained to the highest standards.
  • Giving you all the info you need.
  • Giving extra support to anyone who is vulnerable or who might need special help.
  • Showing you how to check your energy use – so you can spot patterns and make small changes that could help you save energy.
  • Keeping you informed, quickly, on progress if something's not right with your smart equipment.

Smart meters have been thoroughly tested for safety. They’ve passed all the UK and EU regulations that make sure a product is safe. All the same regulations that your phone, microwave, and TV will have had to pass too.

Check out more on smart meter safety here.

Your smart meter automatically sends us readings. This means your bills are accurate. And if there’s any interruption to your supply, we can spot it and fix it faster.

We can check the info from your smart meter, and use it to:

  • Manage your energy supply, and quickly spot problems
  • Give you tailored advice to help you reduce your energy use – and bills.
  • Improve our service – for you, and everyone! 
  • Manage energy ‘supply and demand’ better.

If we need to use the information for anything else, we’ll get in touch to talk it through with you and explain why.

Smart meters are super secure. We use safety measures agreed with the government (like encryption) to make sure that any data your smart meter shares with us is always safe and private. We also follow strict rules set out by the industry regulator, OFGEM, and all your personal data is safeguarded by the Data Protection Act too.

Smart meters don't use the internet and have their own closed communications system. It's been designed with top cybersecurity experts, including the government's security and intelligence organisation, GCHQ. This means your data can't be seen by anyone but you and us.

Yes, you can absolutely switch energy suppliers. Here are a few things to know before you switch;

  • If you have a next-generation SMETS2 meter, you'll be able to switch without an issue. All Better Smart members will get the latest generation smart meter (SMETS2). 
  • If you have a first-generation SMETS1 meter you might find that your meter loses some of its whizzy smart benefits. This means you'll have to submit readings for a short while. But the good news is that thanks to a remote software update planned to finish by the end of 2021, all smart meters will soon work properly with all suppliers.

We ask you to choose how often your smart meter sends readings when you first book an appointment. You can change this anytime after the installation, by calling us.

The more often you share your readings, the more feedback we'll be able to give you... which can help you save energy.

  • Sharing half-hourly readings can help you understand more about your energy use. (Most OVO members choose this option.)  
  • Sharing daily readings means you won't get as much info about your energy use. (It's the default option if you don't tell us otherwise.)
  • Sharing monthly readings means you won't receive feedback about your energy use on a day-to-day basis.

If you have a smart meter your readings will update automatically, so you don’t have to submit meter readings yourself – easy!

Our priority is the safety of you and our teams. All our engineers are specially trained to follow safety measures – they’ll call ahead before the visit and wear PPE. Read more about the precautions we’re taking here


Important information
1Saving based on the estimated annual cost of OVO Better Smart Energy tariff for a non-economy-7, dual-fuel, medium user (2900 kWhs elec. and 12000 kWhs gas) paying monthly in advance by Direct Debit. Comparisons made against the Ofgem published tariff cap for a customer on a standard variable or default tariff that came into effect on 01/10/2020, applied to the same medium user consumption values. Savings are an estimate only and your actual costs will vary according to your region and usage. All rates correct as of 27/11/2020.

2The renewable electricity we sell is backed by renewable certificates (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGOs)). See here for details on REGO certificates and how these work.

3Each year, OVO plants 1 tree for every member in partnership with the Woodland Trust. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so tree-planting helps to slow down climate change.

4By providing 100% carbon neutral gas (15% green gas and 85% offset) and offsetting all associated lifecycle carbon emissions involved in the production and consumption of your energy, OVO Beyond reduces your yearly carbon emissions from the energy used in your home to net zero. The renewable electricity we sell is backed by renewable certificates (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGOs)). See here for details on Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates and how these work. The green gas we sell is backed via renewable certificates (Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs)). See here for details on Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin and how these work. We offset the remaining emissions by supporting UN-led REDD+ carbon reduction projects that are certified to the Verified Carbon Standard or the Gold Standard. See here for more information on how we restore nature and protect rainforests with our offsetting programmes. 
OVO plants 5 trees for every OVO Beyond member through our award-winning I Dig Trees programme with The Conservation Volunteers. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so tree-planting helps to slow down climate change. Since 2015 we have planted over 1 million trees.

Full Better Smart terms and conditions

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