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Introducing Home

Energy Storage

Our revolutionary home battery trial, exclusive to OVO customers based in the Midlands

By joining this free 2 year trial1, you'll help support the high demand for electricity in your local area and lead the charge for green energy.

Why trial Home Energy Storage?

Help make the grid greener2

Our algorithm will use your battery to take energy from the grid when it's cheap (and more likely to be green) and give back to the grid when it's expensive (and more likely to be from non-renewables).

Get money off your energy bills3

For supporting your local grid we’ll credit your energy account with £200 (£100 for each year).

Develop Home Energy Storage with us4

As one of the first to use this technology, your feedback will help shape the future of home batteries.

Arriving late 2018

Exclusively to OVO customers

Please sign up here if you are interested in taking part in this groundbreaking trial. We will then be in touch to check your eligibility.

if you're an OVO customer, please use the email address associated with your account
If you’re not with OVO, or you are but can’t remember your account number – please skip.
Note: We ask for your postcode, just to see if you live somewhere suitable for a home battery. Rest assured, we won’t be using this data for analytics or customer profiling. For more information, please take a look at our Privacy Policy.
Please see our privacy policy for further details. We’ll never sell any of your data or details to anyone. We may use your data to create reports or profiles for analytics and marketing purposes, and via online advertising tools such as ValueClick and Google Analytics. OVO group companies (including VCharge, CORGI HomeHeat and CORGI HomePlan) and OVO’s partners (such as Chargemaster and Nissan) may get in touch about other products or services they offer (including home batteries and boiler insurance), by email, phone or post. We may also contact you for up to a year after you have left us. You can change your preferences at any time in My OVO or the OVO app.

Frequently Asked Questions

When the grid’s at low demand, your battery stores surplus energy that’s generated (think of it like a runner carb-loading before a race). And when demand increases, the battery will pump that energy straight back into the grid.

It’s the grid’s job to keep up with how much energy we need.

Say there’s a huge football match on. More people will be tuning in than usual, so naturally more electricity is needed. And while renewable energy is growing, we can’t always predict its reliability (e.g. if the wind drops). Here’s where your battery makes all the difference.

When there’s plenty of electricity to go round, your battery will stockpile it up. And then when there’s an increase in demand, your battery pumps that energy right back into the grid helping the grid manage those peak times. This also means we don’t have to rely on fossil fuels as much. Great stuff.

Whichever you prefer. But it all depends on where you have space. Most homes will have an exterior wall it can be stored on, so your battery won't take up room indoors.

Measuring up at 650 mm x 300 mm x 1080mm (W x D x H) and weighing between 96 kg -122 kg, your battery need to remain fixed with nothing resting on or hanging over it.

Capacity ranges from 4.2 kWh to 10 kWh. And the power Output: is 5 kW continuous and 10 kW at peak.


Our battery is capable of working with solar and any other microgeneration but our initial trial will only be for customers without onsite generation - but you’re still very welcome to register your interest in the trial so we can keep in touch as we continue to develop the product.

As long as we supply your energy on one of our fixed-term contracts, you’ll be able to enjoy a battery. Not an OVO customer? You can easily switch here.

We work closely with local energy network operators to help support fluctuations in demand. We identified the Midlands as an area requiring flexible power and therefore the perfect place to test our home batteries.

You will have received an email from us asking if you’re interested in taking part in the trial.





Terms & Conditions

1 The trial is limited to specific postcodes within the Midlands.

2 The battery charges using energy from the grid when electricity is cheap and likely to be lower carbon intensity, and discharges when electricity is expensive and likely to be higher carbon intensity. 
Carbon intensity is a measure of the grams of CO2 emitted in producing a kWh of electricity, and is usually lower for renewable or green sources of energy. Therefore charging at times of lower carbon intensity and discharging at times of higher carbon intensity will help the grid be greener by giving back greener electricity at times of peak demand.

3 After passing our eligibility test, you can take part in the 2 year trial for free. We’ll install the battery at no cost to you and our smart algorithms will automatically control when the battery charges and discharges. For taking part in the trial we'll credit your energy account £200 (£100 for each year).

4 We will ask for your feedback as part of the trial to help shape the future of home energy storage. You'll be first to hear about battery-related products and services from us, if you consent to marketing.


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