Erroneous transfers

Switching energy suppliers is usually quick and easy – it typically takes around 20 days. But in some cases, things don’t go quite to plan. In this section of OVO Answers, you’ll find information about what’s happening and how we’ll put it right if your energy switch has gone wrong.  

What is an erroneous transfer?

Essentially, it’s an energy switch (transfer) that happens in error (goes wrong). 

There are a few different reasons this might happen: 
1. Your details are incorrect on the national database of energy information we use to make your switch happen.
2. Someone’s asked to switch your address instead of their own.
3. You’ve changed your mind about switching after the 14-day cooling-off period. 

You can read about in more detail in the what’s an erroneous transfer question – it covers all the things that can go wrong when switching or transferring your account to a different energy supplier.

What to do if there’s an error with your energy switch

Erroneous transfers are very rare. But if it happens to you, we’ve pulled together everything you need to know in the erroneous transfer overview question. 

This question covers most things you might be wondering, including how long it might take to get your switch back on track, what you need to do next, and what happens with your energy bills while the mistake is being resolved. 

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