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I've been referred to OVO and my friend said that I need to enter their name.

Where can I do this?

That’s right.

If you’re signing up online, just click the ‘Been referred by a friend?’ link (above the About You section) and type in your friend’s name . If we have more than one person with  that name in our database, you might have to type in their email address too. 

You can even mention your friend’s name if you’re signing up over the phone, too.

Alternatively, you can enter their name on this page and give us your email address. We’ll then send you a link so you can pick the energy plan you want.  

As soon as your friend has come on supply with OVO Energy, you’ll both get a choice of £25 M&S, Argos or Gift Cards.

Other ways to sign up   

There are a few other ways you can sign up after you’ve been referred. You can:

  • Get a link off them 
  • Ask them to share the offer on Facebook or Twitter 
  • Ask them to send you an email about it (we’ve already written it so it’s really easy) 

Check out today’s reward

Our rewards won’t always be the same, so it’s best to look at the homepage of our Refer a Friend scheme to find out what we’re offering today.

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