I switched gas and electricity, but only one is on my bill.

Most dual fuel customers are switched in 20 days, but sometimes there are delays or only one fuel shows on your first statement. Here's what could be happening.

When you sign up to OVO, we ask for your gas and electricity opening readings and get them checked against your meter reading history. It’s what all energy suppliers do. If you’re switching two fuels to us, we need to check both. Your gas and electricity opening readings are checked by different companies, but both readings should come back within 6 weeks. 

But my first statement (bill) only shows only one fuel?

This is because we can’t create a statement until we know your official opening readings. Gas and electricity meter readings get checked separately, so you might get your first gas statement before your first electricity one – and vise versa. 

What if it’s more than 6 weeks? 

The most common reason for statement delays is read disputes. Sometimes when we get a customer's opening meter readings, they're a bit different to what we expected. If this happens, we do a bit of detective work to find out what's gone on – it’s what the industry calls a meter read dispute. If this happens, we’ll talk to your previous energy supplier to work out what the readings should be, based on the amount of energy you’ve used in the past. Learn more about reading disputes here.

What about my final statement from my old supplier?

As soon as your old supplier gets your validated readings, they’ll send out your statements. But you might get one before the other: your final electricity statement before your final gas statement, or vice versa.

If there’s ever a reading dispute, your old supplier might not send out your final statement until things are sorted – and that can take up to 12 weeks.

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