Why am I paying more than I expected for my energy?
If you’re worried about the amount you’re spending on energy, you can use the information in your meter to keep an eye on your energy use.
What is emergency credit?
Just in case you ever run out of credit and can’t get to a top-up point quickly, your meters each have £5 of extra credit built in.
Why can't I do gas top-ups at Payzones or Post Offices now?
If you lose your gas card, you can now get a replacement much, much faster – but it means we’ve had to change the places where you can do gas top-ups.
Am I using the correct electricity key and gas card?
If you’re still using your old supplier’s electricity key or gas card to top up your meter, you could be paying too much for your energy.
What do I need to know about energy in winter?
When the colder months come around and the nights get darker sooner, there are some things you need to know. Here’s how to stay on top of your energy in winter.
How do I save energy in winter?
Here at OVO, we’re always looking for ways to help you save energy and money. Here’s our roundup of tips, guides and ideas to reduce what you use and spend.
What should I do in an energy emergency this winter?
Get help with your winter energy emergency with this guide. It covers paying winter bills, and getting help from third parties like Citizens Advice Bureau.
How do I reconnect after going off supply?
It’s very easy to restart your energy supply, but it’s different according to whether you’re reconnecting an electricity or gas meter.
Can I top up my electricity online?
Smart meters can be topped up online. But with a traditional meter and an electricity key, you still need to top up at PayPoints or Payzones.
How do I read my OVO PAYG statement?
How do I read my OVO PAYG statement?
Your statement helps you understand what you’re spending on your energy – and whether you’re getting a good deal.
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