What’s the delay with my opening or closing readings?

Opening and closing energy accounts is a little more complicated than just asking for your opening or closing readings as several parties are involved.

Whether you’re joining or leaving OVO, let us explain the process so you know why your final statement might take a little while to come through.

Joining OVO?

When you sign up to OVO, we ask for your electricity and gas opening readings to check them against your meter reading history. It’s what all energy suppliers do.

Your electricity and gas opening readings are checked by different companies. So, when your validated readings are returned to us and your old supplier, they might not come back together. However, both readings should come back within 6 weeks.

As soon as your old supplier gets your validated readings, they’ll send out your final statements. But you might get one before the other – your final electricity statement before your final gas statement, and vice versa.

If there’s ever a reading dispute, your old supplier might not send out your final statement until things are sorted – and that can take up to 12 weeks.

Leaving OVO?

Your new supplier will ask you for your opening readings during your switch. They do this to check them against your meter reading history.

They’ll send your electricity readings to one company, and your gas readings to another. Once these companies have validated your readings (it should take 6 weeks or less), they’ll send them back to your new supplier – and us. But since they went to different companies, these readings might come back at different times.

As soon as we get those validated readings, we’ll send out your final statements. You might get your final gas statement before your electricity one (and vice versa).

If there’s ever a reading dispute, you might have to wait up to 12 weeks to get your final statement. That said, we’ll normally resolve things much sooner than that.


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