Why is my energy switch delayed?

Usually we aim to get you switched in 20 days. But sometimes things don't go according to plan. Here's an overview of common issues that lead to energy switch delays.

If there's a delay getting you switched over to OVO, it's likely to be one of 5 issues: 

Delays with validation

When you sign up to OVO, we ask for your electricity and gas opening readings to make sure your first bill is as accurate as possible. We also get your readings checked against the meter readings from your previous energy supplier/s.

These checks are carried out by different companies, which means that when your validated readings are returned to us and your old supplier, they might not come back together. This can lead to a delayed first statement on one of your fuels. And if the figures don’t match, it can lead to what’s called a read dispute – find more about that here

Missing details

It might be that we're missing one of your meter numbers, or haven't got your full address. If this happens, we'll email and ask you to double check.

Details don't match 

When we work on your switch, we use national database to find your meter details, so we switch the right person. We send these to you to check. If you forget and they don't match, we might transfer someone else by mistake. This is called an erroneous transfer.

You've built up a debt

If you owe your old energy supplier money, they may reject or block your switch, leading to an energy switch delay. It's easy enough to get things going through - in most cases, you can make a one-off payment to straighten things out, then your switch can get back underway. We'll get in touch if this applies to you, with what to do next.

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