All about switching

Here you can find help to switch energy companies, find out what happens during the switching process, and see how easy it is to switch and save yourself. You'll discover what to do whether you're switching to or from OVO, what could go wrong, and how to refer a friend.

Switching to OVO Energy

Want to switch to OVO? You can do it online or over the phone in about five minutes. This section explains how to change energy supplier, how the switching process works, and what happens once you've said, yes please, and joined OVO.

For example, you'll get a welcome pack, which will provide everything you need to know about your OVO energy plan, including details of your switch-over date and cool-off period, info about how you're going to pay and a timetable of what happens when.

Whether you'Re changing electricity supplier, changing gas supplier or both, switching usually takes around four weeks. We'll take care of everything along the way and keep you updated on what's happening. All you need to do is give us your opening meter readings when it's close to your switch-over date (within a 10-day window).


It's very rare for things to go wrong, but just in case:

The vast majority of transfers go smoothly and quickly, but occasionally there are hiccups. These pages tell you what to do if something goes wrong when you're changing electricity supplier or changing gas supplier. To start with, you can find out all about Erroneous Transfers. that's when your new supplier accidentally switches over your neighbour's energy supply instead of yours.

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What’s the delay with my opening or closing readings?
Opening and closing energy accounts is a little more complicated than just asking for your opening or closing readings as several parties are involved.
Why is my energy switch delayed?
Usually we aim to get you switched in 20 days. But sometimes things don't go according to plan. Here's an overview of common issues that lead to energy switch delays.
Can I switch if I’m in energy debt?
If you’re paying off an energy debt using a prepayment meter, it’s still possible to switch energy companies. Take a closer look at how it works.
What is an Independent Gas Transporter?
There are many rural areas or new developments in the UK that the main gas networks don’t reach, so gas is delivered by an Independent Gas Transporter (IGT).
What is credit checking?
We now credit check every new customer signing up to a pay monthly plan. Find out what’s involved, how we use your data and where to go for more info.
What should I do if I fail OVO’s credit check?
If you don’t pass our credit check, we’ll email you the next working day, to let you know.
What is an objection?
If you want to switch to a new energy company, your existing provider may be able to ‘raise an objection’ to stop or delay the transfer.
I switched gas and electricity, but only one is on my bill.
Most dual fuel customers are switched in 20 days, but sometimes there are delays or only one fuel shows on your first statement. Here's what could be happening.
I'm moving home, how can OVO help me?
I'm moving home, how can OVO help me?
This question covers both what to do about gas and electricity when you move into a new home, and what happens when you move away from a property we’ve supplied.
How can I prepare for moving home?
Find out what to do with your OVO Energy account when you move home – and follow our 30-day guide to get you ready for the big day.
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