Cool Earth

As a responsible energy company, we at OVO do our best to be as green as possible. So we've joined forces with Cool Earth, a leading environmental charity, to protect 100,000 acres of Amazon rainforest on behalf of our customers.

Cool Earth works with South American communities to protect rainforests that are at risk of being destroyed.

On these pages you can find out how Cool Earth is working to protect the environment. Rainforest destruction is a massive contributor to climate change, yet every minute 100 acres of forest are cleared. So every acre we protect will help to keep the planet cool and safe.

We also explain here how much it costs to opt in to supporting Cool Earth with OVO, and what happens to your support for Cool Earth if you leave us.


No worries


If you have concerns about our partnership with Cool Earth, we address them here. You can find out why we chose an initiative in Peru rather than one in the UK, why we trust Cool Earth to ensure local villagers don't sell out to logging companies, and how we can be sure we really are protecting the rainforest.

If you're worried that OVO makes money out of this, and that we're just trying to get grants from the Government or for carbon credits, you'll also find reassurance here. We launched the Cool Earth scheme because, in terms of return on investment, it has the biggest positive impact on reducing the CO2 escaping into the atmosphere that we could find.

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