Who are Cool Earth?

Cool Earth are a charity working with South American communities to protect rainforests at risk of being destroyed within the next 18 months.

Cool Earth

Only 10% of donations are spent on admin and governance, making sure every penny possible goes on safeguarding our climate. And Cool Earth are the fastest growing environmental charity in Europe.

What exactly is this scheme? 

We've joined forces with Cool Earth, a leading environmental charity, to protect 100,000 acres of endangered Amazon rainforest on behalf of all our customers. 

How will it help the environment? 

Rainforest destruction is a massive contributor to climate change, yet every minute 100 acres of forest are cleared. If this continues it’ll not only have a devastating effect on our climate and water supplies but will threaten millions of species of plants and animals. Every acre we can protect through Cool Earth makes sure 260 tonnes of CO2 are safely locked away, helping keep the planet cool.

How much does it cost me?  

If you choose to opt in to the foundation support at £3 a year, you will be supporting Cool Earth's work through the OVO Foundation. The £3 a year will be added to your bill and matched by OVO, so a total of £6 a year will be donated to OVO Foundation which will help support Cool Earth's work.

What happens if I leave OVO for a better deal elsewhere? Do you stop protecting those acres of rainforest?

If you were to switch to another energy supplier you'll no longer be supporting the OVO Foundation, however the OVO Foundation will continue protecting key rainforest areas.

How does the scheme protect the rainforest?  

Cool Earth invests our donation into running lots of different local community projects. The idea is to make the forest worth more standing than cut down. Through community rangers and satellite imagery they monitor and protect the rainforest from any illegal activity around the clock. By supporting schools, clinics, education and sustainable jobs, Cool Earth makes sure forest protection goes hand in hand with better lives.

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