Why did you choose Cool Earth?

Cool Earth fits exactly with our company values.

Why did you choose Cool Earth?

We try to do things differently and we want to prove that we mean it when we say we care about the environment. Our partnership with Cool Earth is an easy way for us, together with you, to do something good for our planet. 

Why did you choose to support an initiative based in Peru rather than one in the UK?  

There are environmental challenges to be met all over the world, including here in the UK. However, research shows the deforestation of the rainforests is, by far, one of the most urgent issues facing us. And, in terms of investment for results, this scheme has the biggest positive impact on the climate that we could find.  

Are you just running this scheme to get grant money from the Government or for carbon credits? 

No – this partnership is all about us keeping our promises. We don't want these to be just words, so this partnership is one example of our commitment. We don't get any grants or carbon credits for protecting the rainforest. 

What's to stop villagers from selling out to logging companies anyway?   

Cool Earth works closely with local communities and tribes and gives them the support they need to protect the rainforest. They also employ community rangers to keep an eye on things and to make sure nothing illegal happens.

How can you be sure the forest isn't being cut down? 

Cool Earth uses state-of-the-art satellite imaging and specially-developed smoke triggered pagers to alert them if there’s any illegal activity.

Does OVO make money out of this scheme? 

No. This partnership is an extension of our company beliefs and values. 

Isn't it more important to encourage people to reduce their energy use? This scheme could give your customers a clear conscience to use as much energy as they want. 

We’ve got a whole section of top energy-saving tips on our website and are investing in Smart Meters and other initiatives to help you save energy. We launched the Cool Earth scheme because, in terms of ‘return on investment’, it has the biggest positive impact on reducing the amount of CO2 escaping into the atmosphere that we could find.

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