Energy sources

What exactly is energy? There's the energy we use to heat and light our homes. There's the energy we need to get us out of bed in the mornings.

There's mechanical energy, heat energy, chemical energy, renewable energy and that's just a few to start with.
Our energy guides are here to help, with facts about energy in general, electrical energy and nuclear energy.

Start with our guide to energy. It gives a definition of energy, lists the different kinds (well, maybe not all of them) and explains where energy comes from (the energy source). When we talk about energy at OVO, we're usually referring to the energy used to power your homes: gas and electricity. The type of energy that helps you stay warm, cook meals and watch television.


A lightning guide to electricity


Our guide explains, in straightforward language, the science behind the electricity that powers your lights and appliances. It also defines some of the terms we use in your OVO statements to show how much electricity you're using in your home.


Our nuclear family


There are various energy sources for electricity, including renewables like hydroelectricity and wind farms. However, nuclear power plants are more controversial. They're a clean air source of power, but not a renewable one, as they're powered by uranium, which is a finite resource.

Nuclear plants operate in much the same way as power stations that burn coal, oil and natural gas. They use heat to boil water into steam, which is then used to turn turbines that generate electricity. Find out more in our simple, informative guide.

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