Where does OVO get its electricity from?

At OVO, we are determined to offer our customers the cleanest energy we can, at the best prices we can manage.

That means saying goodbye to coal and offering you more natural gas and renewables instead.

As an independent energy supplier, our focus has always been on serving our customers rather than generating our own power. So we buy gas and electricity from the energy market and then offer it to our customers at competitive rates.

We also do our best to provide you with the greenest electricity we can, at the best possible prices. We call this balance between clean energy and great value ‘mainstream green’.


Where does OVO’s electricity come from?


The table below covers April 2016 through to March 2017. It’s based on the figures for our Greener Energy plan, and our standard electricity plans (Simpler Energy and Better Energy). These have been averaged to show our complete fuel mix, alongside the national average.

Overall, we’re doing well – we’ve halved our CO2 emissions over the past three years, and increased the renewables in our energy mix to more than double the national average.

We use no fuel generated by burning coal, and over half of the electricity we supply is renewable – a huge 64.7%. We’re really proud of this, as it’s clear proof of our commitment to mainstream green.


 Energy Source  OVO   UK Average
 Coal  0%  8.5%
 Natural Gas  35.3%  44.1%
 Nuclear  0%  21%
 Renewables  64.7%  24.2%
 Other fuels  0%  2.2%
 Grams of CO2 per kWh  127  249







Source: Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Over the past year, our fuel mix included no nuclear power, and no ‘other’ sources – that’s things like dirty diesel generators. Our fuel source besides renewables is natural gas, at 35.3%.

Our CO2 levels are well below the national average, and we’re responsible for no high level radioactive waste.

As you might expect, our Greener Energy plan electricity is 100% renewable, with no CO2 emissions (g per kWh).


Feel-good energy from OVO


Overall, OVO’s fuel mix picture is a positive one. That means that OVO customers can feel confident that they’ve made a responsible choice when it comes to energy.

If you’re on our Better or Simpler Energy plan, you get:

  • At least 33% renewable electricity.

  • Energy with ⅓ less emissions than the national average.

If you’re on our Greener Energy plan, you get:

  • 5 trees planted on your behalf through our I Dig Trees programme.

  • 100% renewable electricity.

  • No carbon emissions for your electricity.

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