A guide to recycling

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A guide to recycling

In the UK, we generate enough rubbish in eight months to fill Britain’s largest lake, Lake Windermere. Or to put it another way, enough to fill London’s Albert Hall in just two hours! That’s a lot of rubbish, and sending it to landfill is bad for the environment for many reasons.

Let’s imagine a plastic bottle is thrown in the bin. Here’s what happens: 

  • The energy that went into creating that bottle in the first place is wasted.
  • More energy and raw materials must be used to create another bottle (after all, we always need bottles!).
  • The bottle takes up space in a landfill site, which can create water pollution and greenhouse gases.
  • If the bottle is incinerated, it will contribute to air pollution.

This environmental damage can be avoided if the bottle is recycled!

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