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Can you tell me how to recycle properly?

Well, there’s no single ‘right’ way to recycle – it depends on your lifestyle and where you live.


Your local council will probably use one of two kinds of recycling: ‘comingled’ or ‘separated'.   

‘Comingled’ recycling is more common in densely populated cities. Here, the council will give you recycling salvage bags. You put all the recycling in the same bag, and it gets separated at a depot.  

In ‘separated’ recycling, you’ll be given a box, or two, or three depending on how many different materials the council collects. Then you arrange your glass, card, tin and plastic separately, making it easier for recycling plants to divide items for recycling reprocess them.

Not all councils accept all materials for kerbside recycling, so check before you chuck. If

your council doesn’t accept a particular material for recycling, there’s often local recycling banks and tips who recycle everything from cooking oil to car batteries.     

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Recycling is great, but it’s even better to reduce and reuse. This is a more holistic approach – buy only what you need then use it mindfully to reduce your impact from the outset. A more conscious approach can save you £££s too.     

There are many useful ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ websites full of ideas, tips and suggestions to help you.     

We like reduce, reuse and recycle for kids:    

Other useful sites include:

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