Renewable energy

OVO's renewable electricity comes from all these, plus geothermal sources and biomass. However, no matter how many sources an energy company uses to generate power, once it's on the national grid it all mingles together, renewables with non-renewables.

So no electricity provider can promise you that all your energy comes from a renewable source. Instead, energy companies can use a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificate from Ofgem, which shows how much renewable electricity they've bought and sold to customers.
With OVO Greener Energy, although we can't guarantee that all the electricity is from renewable sources, we can show that for every unit you use, we've bought the same amount of renewable electricity.


Powering your home with natural resources


Baffled by biomass? Stumped by solar power? Discover how wind turbines harness the free power of the wind to create electricity, and what gets burnt in biomass energy production. And while we're on the subject of words beginning with bio, check out this section for information about biofuels including biodiesel, bioethanol and biogas.


Generating your own renewable energy with solar panels


If you like the idea of generating your own electricity and perhaps even earning money from it, solar panels may be the answer. There are two different types: photovoltaic solar panels (also known as solar PV) and solar thermal.

If you want to know how they work, how you could earn income 

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What is biomass energy?
Biomass energy is the use of organic material like plants and wood to generate energy.
What is natural gas and where does it come from?
What is natural gas and where does it come from?
Natural gas is one of the cleanest and most useful forms of energy we use in our day-to-day lives, especially here in the UK where we use it a great deal for heating and cooking.
What is 100% renewable electricity and where does it come from?
To us, renewable electricity means energy generated from 100% renewable sources like wind or solar.
What is Solar Energy?
Solar energy is energy that comes from the sun.
Why aren’t all OVO electricity plans 100% renewable?
We want to offer as much renewable energy as we can, to as many people as possible, at the most affordable price.
Why does OVO offer 100% renewable electricity?
We offer a 100% renewable electricity plan for people who want to help the UK move toward an energy mix that’s built for the longer term.
Are solar panels worth it?
Solar panels can cut your energy bills with electricity savings and earn you money through a Feed-In Tariff and an export tariff. But are solar panels worth it?
How efficient is my home?
How efficient is my home?
There are many benefits to making your home energy efficient. It’s one of those chores that require a little thinking, careful consideration…
Does OVO offer 100% renewable electricity?
Yes we do – just choose the Green Energy add-on with any plan.
How do solar panels work?
How do solar panels work?
Solar PV panels are a clever technology that uses the energy of the sun to trigger a reaction that results in electricity.
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