Does OVO offer 100% renewable electricity?

Yes we do – just choose the Green Energy add-on with any plan.

We know many of our customers feel as passionately as we do about safeguarding our environment for future generations. So we offer a 100% renewable electricity upgrade called Green Energy with any plan.

If you choose our Green Energy add-on, we guarantee that for every unit of electricity you buy from us, we’ll purchase one unit from a 100% renewable energy source. Certificates are issued to renewable energy when it's generated. By buying certificates equal to the electricity use of all our Green Energy customers, we can be sure that enough renewable electricity is being fed back into the energy system.

We purchase renewable energy certificates from 2 sources - ‘Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO)’ certificates from the UK energy regulator Ofgem and 'Guarantees of Origin (GoO)' certificates from European participants in the Association of Issuing Bodies (

It’s worth noting that although the Green Energy add-on offers 100% renewable electricity, the gas portion of the dual fuel plan remains non-renewable.

We won’t stop searching for a viable renewable gas option to offer our customers but, so far, none of the available options meet our scale and price criteria.

Technologies like anaerobic digestion (of sewage slurry, farm waste, food waste) and landfill gas offer some hope – and are often used locally to replace fossil fuel gas. However, the carbon emissions from burning this gas, regardless of its source, still result in greenhouse gas emissions.

Finding a viable gas alternative may still be out of reach for us, but by signing up to Green Energy add-on you’ll still be doing a lot to help us help make the UK greener. Take our I Dig Trees programme for instance...

Back in 2015, OVO joined forces with The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) to set up our exciting I Dig Trees programme. For every Green Energy add-on customer, we provide an additional environmental benefit in the shape of locally planted trees. In 2015/16 we planted 3 trees per customer, which amounted to 158,000 new trees. We've increased that to 5 trees per customer and aim to pass half a million trees planted in total by March 2018.

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