What is 100% renewable electricity and where does it come from?

To us, renewable electricity means energy generated from 100% renewable sources like wind or solar.

OVO’s renewable electricity comes from wind, solar, geothermal, wave, tidal, hydro, biomass, landfill gas, sewage treatment gas and biogas.

Some of this we buy directly through contracts with UK-based small and medium renewable energy generators. However, to get you the best price, we buy most of it on the wholesale market.

Electricity on the wholesale market is generated in many different ways. Some comes from renewables and nuclear, both of which are low carbon. Unfortunately, much of the electricity on the wholesale market still comes from fossil fuels, like gas and coal.

However power is generated, it all gets mixed up together on the national grid, which means that no electricity supplier can trace the origins of the actual electricity from generator to customer.

Happily, in the case of renewables, the industry can use a certificate called a ‘Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin’ to show how much renewable electricity it has bought versus how much it has sold to customers. So although we can’t guarantee that what ends up in your home will be the exact renewable electricity we bought for you – no supplier can – we can show that for every unit you use, we’ve bought the equivalent amount of renewable electricity.

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