Pay As You Go

If you'd have trouble committing to a monthly Direct Debit payment, you might prefer a simple Pay As You Go plan. You top up your energy with a prepayment meter, and there are various ways of paying for top-ups, depending on whether you've got a bank card.

Prepayment meters and payment methods


Your prepayment meter could be an older dumb model or a new Smart Meter.

Your payment method could be traditional PAYG, where you make your top-up payments at any PayPoint, or PAYG , which offers you a wider choice of payment methods but you need a bank card.

You can combine these meters and plans in various ways:


1. Traditional Pay As You Go (PAYG) with an old dumb meter
2. Or traditional PAYG with a new Smart Meter
3. Or PAYG with a Smart Meter

Browse these OVO Answers pages to find out more.


Our Pay As You Go energy plan


We only offer one energy plan for Pay As You Go customers: our Smart PAYG plan. This ensures you always get our best possible price without tying you into a contract.

On our Smart PAYG plan, you'll get 33%* renewable electricity and a full service from our friendly Bristol-based team. It's a variable rate plan, which means the standing charges and unit rates might change. Read this section for more about Smart PAYG and how to get our online account management discount.

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