Once my contract has started, can I switch to another OVO plan?

Yes, however there are some things to note.

If you’re on our fixed Greener Energy plan, you can downgrade to a different OVO plan, but you’ll have to pay a £30 exit fee for each fuel. Then you can start a new, 12-month or 24-month fixed contract or move to Simpler Energy.

If you’re on Simpler Energy, you can move to another OVO plan whenever you want – without paying exit fees. That’s because you’re not tied into a fixed contract.

If you’re on Better Energy, you can upgrade to Greener Energy (the 100% renewable option) without paying a penny in fees. However, if you want to downgrade to Simpler Energy you’ll have to pay exit fees.

Why do I have to pay exit fees for switching between OVO tariffs?

You only have to pay for ‘downgrading’, or if you want to switch mid-contract to a lower price on the same tariff (‘tariff hopping’).

Downgrading is defined as switching from Greener Energy to Better Energy, or from either Greener Energy or Better Energy to Simpler Energy.  

We charge exit fees because when customers join OVO on one of our fixed plans we buy their energy for the year in advance. However, not knowing whether customers will stay with us for the full length of their contract and use the energy we’ve bought for them creates uncertainty for us. 

If a customer chooses to leave us before the end of their contact we’re left with unsold energy, and we’ve had to protect ourselves against these possible losses by charging exit fees. 

What is ‘tariff hopping’?

If a customer wants to downgrade or switch mid-contract to benefit from a lower price, this is ‘tariff hopping’, and isn’t allowed according to our T&Cs.  We advise customers that if they still wish to do this OVO will not offer them the online account management discount, worth £60 per year.  

If you choose to leave us and then switch back more than three months after the date we stopped supplying your property, this doesn’t count as ‘tariff hopping’. 

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