What happens when it’s time to renew my contract?

We'll get in touch 6 weeks before your contract comes to an end, with our new prices and details on how to fix your energy plan with us again.

When will you know when your contract’s ending? Simple. We’ll let you know, instead of switching you to a more expensive tariff and not telling you about it.

Our fixed plans often provide best value for money, so it makes sense to take a few minutes and secure your energy prices for another 12 months. It’s a quick and easy way to potentially save money on your energy bills.

How to renew your contract... 

  • When the time comes, refixing is really easy
  • We’ll get in touch when it’s nearly time to renew, and let you know our latest prices
  • These prices are valid for 7 days
  • If you want to stay, you can renew in My OVO
  • If you’d prefer, we’re here to talk through your options on 0800 5999 440
  • If you don’t get round to it within 7 days, don’t worry. You can still refix, we’ll just need to give you a new quote in case our prices have changed

How we've worked out your quote.

We take how much energy you used last year, multiple this by the unit rates and standing charges, add on the VAT to get your annual amount. 

What happens if you don’t act? 

If you don’t refix, we’re legally obliged to switch you on to our variable rate tariff, the Simpler Energy plan. Because it’s variable, unit prices and standing charges could go up or down depending on what’s happening on the wholesale market.

This means it can work out to be more expensive than fixed price plans, but we’ll let you know what’s happening and when.

Not sure if you want to renew? 

You might want to shop around a bit and see what else other companies offer, but when you do, remember:

  • All our plans at least 33% renewable
  • You can recommend OVO to your friends – and each pocket a £25 M&S, Argos or Gift Card if anyone signs up
  • We have been recommended by both existing customers and third parties including USwitch and Which?
  • You can take up to £60 a year off your bill by taking control of your account online
  • You might be able to get a brand new smart meter installed free of charge
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