What's the Warmer Home plan?

We’ve always worked hard to keep our customers warm, cosy, and protected – so we’re happy to introduce Warmer Home, a variable rate plan designed especially for people who might benefit from lower bills. It forms part of the government’s price cap aimed at protecting customers who are at risk of falling into fuel poverty, which is something we’ve campaigned in favour of for years. 

How is this different to Simpler, our other variable plan?
Although both Simpler and Warmer Home are variable rate plans, with no contract and no exit fees, there are a few key differences. Firstly, Warmer Home has been specially designed to help customers who are in, or at risk of, fuel poverty. And, secondly, it’s not a plan you can choose. There are two groups of people who can benefit from it...

Who can benefit from Warmer Home?
Warmer Home is offered to two groups of people who are both eligible to receive Warm Home Discount payments:

‘Core Group’ customers are pensioners who receive Pension Credit Guarantee and automatically receive a £140 Warm Home Discount payment each winter, straight into their energy accounts. 
‘Broader Group’ customers are identified by us as being in, or at risk of, fuel poverty, which means we offer them the chance to apply for the Warm Home Discount. 

How do I sign up for Warmer Home?
You can’t ‘sign up’ for the plan as such, because it’s only available to people who are eligible to receive the government’s Warm Home Discount payment. Instead, we automatically move two sets of people onto Warmer Home. The first set are those who receive Pension Credit Guarantee, while the second are those who’ve received a Warm Home Discount payment within the last two years. If you’re in the second group of customers, it’s really important that you stay up to date with your Warm Home Discount applications because if you fail to receive a Warm Home Discount for two years in a row, you won’t be eligible for Warmer Home anymore, and will be moved to Simpler Energy, our other variable plan. 

When might I be moved to this plan? 
We only move people onto Warmer Home if they’re already on our other variable plan, Simpler. Some people choose to be on Simpler from the get-go, but many are ‘rolled’ onto it by default once their fixed contracts end. If you fit into the two customer groups we’ve just talked about, you could be moved onto Warmer Home:

At the end of your fixed contract (if you don’t choose another fixed contract). Unless you roll onto our Simpler variable plan before the 2nd February 2018. If this happens, you’ll be moved to Warmer Home on the 2nd February.  
At any point that you become eligible for Warm Home Discount and meet the criteria for Warmer Home while you’re on Simpler. 

Will I be moved off it at any time?
Yes, if at any point you stop meeting the criteria for Warm Home Discount you’ll be moved onto our Simpler plan instead. It’s also worth noting that because Warmer Home has been enforced by the government, there’s a possibility it could be withdrawn or changed when the government reviews it in December 2019. 

What happens if I want to switch suppliers?
Warmer Home is only available to you if you’re eligible to receive Warm Home Discount payments, so if you switch supplier there’s a chance you might not get instant access to their version of this plan. You’ll need to go through the process of applying for Warm Home Discount with them. 

Will the unit price of this plan change?
Yes, Warmer Home rates will be reviewed, and might change, twice a year in April and October – but if they change we’ll be in touch beforehand to let you know. 

Can I get a better deal? 
Yes, quite probably. We’re only offering this plan to help out customers who, for whatever reason, are already on our standard variable plan. The main reason the government decided to implement their price cap is because standard variable plans can often be more expensive than fixed plans, yet industry rules dictate that people are ‘rolled’ onto them at the end of their fixed contracts. Even though our standard variable plan (Simpler) is cheaper than many other suppliers, and Warmer Home is cheaper still, you could get a better deal by choosing one of our fixed rate plans – or even by shopping around. 

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