How to save money

If you want to save on energy bills, we can help, we're all for power saving. Here you'll find ideas to help you save electricity and money.

There are various ways to save on energy bills. Like using less energy around the home, switching to a different provider or plan, or making the most of energy-saving technology.


Power saving by using less energy

The easiest way to save on energy bills is to use less energy. So we've created a guide that tells you how to save electricity and gas.


Using technology to save on energy bills

Want to know how to save electricity? Our Smart Meters come with an In-Home Display (IHD) or Smart gateway that shows you exactly what you're using.

You could also consider installing solar panels. According to the Energy Saving Trust, an average-sized system will generate enough electricity to cover a typical household's energy needs every year.

Switching providers or changing tariffs

It's always worth taking a look at the comparison sites to see whether you could pay less with a different supplier. You might also save on energy bills by switching to a dual fuel contract or a fixed plan.

At OVO, we also offer you a 3% OVO Interest Reward whenever your account's in credit, plus an online management discount* of £2.50 a month for each fuel, which you can choose with any of our plans.

*Online management discount, £30.00 per year per fuel added to your account on a daily basis as £0.0822 per day. You can lose your online discount if you do not follow the terms and conditions.

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