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Meters and meter readings

Browse our answers for meter readings explained, how to work out gas meter readings, and help with understanding electricity meter readings.

Reading your meter

Find out here why it's better to provide us with regular, accurate readings than to rely on estimates.

For a start, it keeps your bills up to date, and helps you avoid energy debt.
You'll also find meter readings explained in full. Our clear illustrations of the different kinds of meter display will show you how to work out gas meter readings and read the dials on your electricity meter. We also explain how to give us your meter readings, whether you're doing it through My OVO, by using the OVO app or by giving us a call or email.


Giving us meter readings when you're moving home or switching supplier

The most important readings are your opening and closing meter readings. If they're wrong you could end up paying for someone else's energy. That's why understanding electricity meter readings, and gas ones is important.

Sometimes when we get a customer's opening or closing meter readings, they're not what we (or they) were expecting. We tell you here how to query these readings, and what to do if you think your opening meter reading is wrong.

When you join OVO, we'll also ask for the MPAN and MPRN numbers from your meters. These are unique numbers we use to ensure we take over your home's supply and not someone else's.


Staying safe

Please read these pages in full. You'll find vital information about gas safety, such as the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and what to do in an emergency.

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A guide to gas safety
A guide to gas safety
Getting a free gas safety check - Who can get one for free?
How do I submit meter readings?
Find out how to submit a meter reading to us so your bills are as accurate as possible.
How often will you take meter readings?
OVO will visit your home to read your meters at least once a year.
How do I dispute my opening or closing meter readings?
Sometimes when we get a customer's opening or closing meter readings, they're a bit off what we (or they) were expecting. If this happens, we do a bit of detective work to find out what's gone on.
How do I read my meter?
How do I read my meter?
Some meters are easier to read than others, here are some tips on how to take your meter readings.
Do I need to give meter readings?
It’s better for you if you do – it keeps your statements and bills accurate, and helps you avoid energy debt.
What are MPAN and MPRN numbers?
An MPAN is the number that identifies your electricity supply. The MPRN is the equivalent for your gas supply.
What do I do if I think my opening meter reading is wrong?
Get in touch – there’s a process to follow, but we can look into what’s happened and talk to your old supplier.
What should I do in an emergency?
If you think you can smell gas or haven't got electricity, follow the links below
Why are opening meter readings so important?
Your opening meter readings are some of the most important ones you give us – they let us open your account with all the right details, so you pay exactly the right amount from day one.

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