I gave you an incorrect meter reading – what should I do?

If something goes wrong and you realise you’ve sent us an incorrect meter reading, don’t worry – it’s easy to put the record straight.

Reading your meter should be very straightforward, so giving us accurate meter readings should be a simple process – but we know from experience that it’s just as easy to give an incorrect meter reading. Your finger might slip on to the wrong number, you might mix up two numbers, or you might give us your gas meter reading instead of your electricity. If you’re on Economy 7, you might have mixed up your night and day readings.

Sending us an incorrect meter reading can lead to problems or delays in your OVO statement. Our system can spot it if you’ve made a big mistake, but not if it’s only a slight one. For example, if your meter reading should be 25010 and you submitted 25001, our system won’t notice, but if you gave us 55010, it would pick that up.

Here’s what to do if you think you’ve sent us the wrong meter reading.


First, send us a correct reading

If you realise you’ve given us a wrong meter reading, give us an accurate reading straight away. If you just leave it, your next statement will be wrong as well, which could lead to you paying more than you should for your energy.


Next, let us know what’s happened

Get in touch with us, by email or phone, to tell us you’ve sent us a second meter reading. Otherwise both your readings will go into your account and could cause our billing system to send us an error message.

You can email us, or call us on 0800 5999 440. Our friendly team will be available to help you at any time from 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday, or from 9am until 5pm on Saturdays.


If you’re on Economy 7 and you think you’ve got your day and night readings mixed up

Our Economy 7 customers often seem to forget which is their daytime and which is their night-time (off-peak) display, so you’re not alone.

If you have a traditional meter and the two rows of figures aren’t labelled, it’s easy to work out which is which with a ‘kettle test’. You literally just pour the minimum amount of water into your kettle and switch it on.

While it’s boiling, go and look at your meter. The figures that are moving are your daytime rate (assuming you’re boiling the kettle during normal daytime hours – between 7.30 am and midnight).

If you’re still not sure which figures are which, feel free to get in touch and we’ll send an engineer out to do a kettle test for you.

If you have a Smart meter

Just press ‘6’ and then press it three more times until ‘IMP R01’ appears on the display panel. This gives you your night-time (off-peak) reading in kWh. If you press ‘6’ again, you’ll see ‘IMP R02’, which shows your daytime reading.
Once you’ve checked which is the right display, if it confirms that you’ve definitely sent us the wrong meter reading, take a correct reading right away and get in touch to let us know what’s happened.

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