What can I do if my meter’s not working?

Meter problems demystified – everything you need to know if your meter’s not working.

Whether you’re concerned about the amount of energy you seem to be using, or have spotted a mechanical fault, if you think your meter’s not working, there are some simple checks and tests we can do to confirm the problem. How we fix it depends on what the issue is. 

Electricity meter not working?

There are a few common issues with electricity meters. These include:

  • Meter stops clocking consumption – so your reading remains the same even whilst using energy.
  • Your meter display can disappear – so you can’t get a meter reading.
  • Your Economy 7 day or night rate can stop clocking consumption – one of the rates stops ‘clocking’ even while you’re using energy.

Economy 7 timings can ‘fall out of line’ –  this is an energy industry term, which means that your off-peak rate comes on at unusual times, or switches over too early or too late. Gas meter not working?

Issues with gas meters include: 

  • The meter can stop clocking consumption – so your reading remains the same even whilst using gas.
  • Your meter display can disappear on electronic models – which means you can’t take a meter reading. 

What to do if you have a fault

If you think that either your gas or electricity meter’s not working, the best thing to do is to give our call centre a ring on 0800 5999 440. One of the team will help you diagnose the potential fault. If it’s looking more complex, we might send an engineer out to investigate. 

Think your energy bill is too big? 

A nasty bill is the most common reason people get in touch with concerns about meter faults. 
It is possible that there’s a mistake with your meter, and it’s saying you’re using more power than you really are.  However, it’s incredibly rare. Because it’s so rare, we make an up-front charge for meter testing – which we refund if there is a fault.
So before you ask for an engineer visit, it’s worth trying some DIY diagnosis. Here’s our guide to working out if you have a faulty meter:

  1. Have a think if anything’s changed recently
    Have you got a new boiler? Have you got a new appliance? Have you had the builders in or done a lot of DIY? All these things can lead to a big bill.
  2. If you’ve installed something new, test how much power it’s using
    This is easy to do. Make a note of your meter reading at 9am. Take another reading the next day at 9am. Then turn off the new appliance for 24 hrs. Take a third reading. Then you’ll see the difference it makes. 
  3. Try an energy monitor
    Another good option is to try an energy monitor. Either invest on one yourself, or get in touch with your local library – it’s amazing what you can borrow. Then move it around your home, and you’ll soon see what’s using a lot of energy. 
  4. If you’re having work done, test consumption for that too
    There can be hidden costs to home improvements. Fan heaters to dry plaster can use lots of energy, for example. So compare a day works are being done with a weekend day – your big bill might be explained this way. 
  5. Call the energy efficiency hotline
    To save money on your bills, you might want to think about cutting your energy use. The Centre for Sustainable Energy provides free, expert advice on 0800 408 6601. 
  6. Still think that your meter’s not working?
    Give us a call – our team can look into some other options before sending an engineer out for testing.

How much does it cost to test a meter? 

  • Testing an electric meter costs £89.25.
  • This is chargeable up-front – with a refund if the results come back showing the meter is faulty. 
  • For gas, the meter is removed and exchange for a new one. The old meter is sent to SGS (an independent tester) – with an up-front cost of £138.32. 

You’ll get a refund if the results come back showing the meter is faulty.

Consider a smart upgrade

If you think you meter might be faulty but don’t want to pay to get it tested? It might make sense to switch to an all-new Smart meter set up. We’ll install this with no charge, and you never need give a meter reading again. 

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