What should I do if I need to move one of my energy meters?

If you want to move a gas or electricity meter because you can’t reach it, or you’re doing building work, the first thing to do is tell your energy supplier.

  • Are your meters too high up, so you have trouble reading them?
  • Are they obstructed by fixtures and fittings?
  • Do you need a torch to read your meters?
  • Are you doing building work that involves moving your meters?

Whatever your reason for wanting to reposition your meters, it’s essential to contact your energy company.

You may also need to notify other organisations, or bring in local electricians, depending on how far you want to move your meters, and whether you’re on the Priority Register – if you are, your energy provider should move your meters completely free of charge. 

If you’re NOT on the Priority Register and you only need to move your meters a short distance

Contact your energy provider and explain what you’re planning. ‘A short distance’ means:

  • The electricity meter will still be on the same ‘meter board’.
  • The gas meter is moving less than 1 metre from where it is now.

Electricity meters are attached to a ‘meter board’ fixed to the wall, which also holds the main electrical fuse box. If your electricity meter is simply moving within the same meter board, your energy company can deal with this, although you may also be able to get the work carried out by a qualified electrician if you prefer. 

To move a gas meter, start by contacting your gas transporter. Their details should be on a sticker on your meter – if not, check with your energy provider. This is because any change to the physical gas supply pipework leading into your property needs to be carried out by an accredited engineer. 

Once your gas transporter has completed their work, you’ll need to use a Gas Safe registered engineer to reconnect the meter to your internal pipework. They’ll then test your boiler and any other internal gas appliances, restore your supply and make sure everything has been installed correctly.

If you’re NOT on the Priority Register and you need to move the meter more than 1 metre

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these statements:

  • You’re moving your electricity meter away from its current meter board.
  • You’re moving your gas meter more than 1 metre OR onto a different wall OR outside.
  • One or both of your meters is on an external wall.

... your energy supplier won’t be able to carry out the work alone. You’ll also need to contact your local Distribution Network Operator if it’s an electricity meter, and your gas transporter for a gas meter. 

Your gas transporter’s details should be on a sticker on your meter. If they’re not, check with your energy provider.

Can I move the meters myself?

No – sorry, it’s against the law.

What does OVO charge for moving meters?

These are our current charges for all the separate jobs involved in moving an electricity or gas meter:

Electricity meters


Cost if you have a 3-phase
Economy 10 meter
Carrying out a non-technical
survey of your home
£36 £36
Carrying out a technical 
survey of your home
£66 £90
Installing a new meter £57.75 £57.75
Replacing a faulty or
damaged meter
Free Free
Removing or checking
a meter
£49.35 £89.25
Charging a meter because
of a change in functionality
£57.75 £99.75
Changing a meter because
of recertification
Free Free

Fitting a PME earth terminal

£67.20 £67.20
Fitting an isolation switch £67.20 £115.20
Repositioning the meter
£79.20 £138.00
Installing a check meter £103.95 £103.05
Meter accuracy test £89.25 £89.25
De-energising or re-energising
a metering system
£42.00 £42.00
Upgrading from single phase
to 3-phase
£99.75 N/A

Gas meters

Work Cost
Carrying out a meter accuracy test £138.32
Replacing a faulty or damaged meter Free
Removing a gas meter £85.05
Repositioning the meter system £124.80
Changing a meter because of a change
in functionality
Changing a meter because of 
Changing a meter from U6 to U16 £261.70
Carrying out a U16 meter accuracy test £234.32
Fitting a security bracket Free

All prices include VAT and are subject to change.

Are there likely to be any extra costs apart from these?

There may be – for example, for fitting the meter box and reconnecting your supply, and possibly even some outside work, like preliminary digging.

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