What’s a meter reading dispute?

This is when your closing and opening meter readings don’t match up.

Sometimes when we get a customer's opening or closing meter readings, they're different to what we were expecting. So we open – what the industry calls – a reading dispute to find out what’s gone on.

We talk to the previous energy supplier to agree what the readings should be, based on the amount of energy the customer has used in the past.

What happens during a reading dispute?

First of all, we ask for 2 readings, at least 2 weeks apart. We'll look at how much energy you normally use – and work out what the meter readings should be.

The difference between the original reading and the new, estimated reading must be more than:

  • 1200kWhs (39 units for imperial, 109 units for metric) for gas

  • 250kWhs for electricity

If it’s lower than that, we can’t open a dispute.

If it’s higher, we’ll open a dispute.

We'll send the meter readings you gave us to your previous supplier to show them what we think the opening or closing readings should be. We won't send you a statement for the energy we're disputing until everything's sorted, so your balance might not be 100% accurate while the dispute is going on.

Once the other supplier gets our meter readings, they can either agree with them or suggest different ones. If we don't agree with theirs, we'll give them a call to decide on your final readings over the phone and we’ll update the central database that all suppliers use.  

Finally, we'll update the meter readings on your account, create an up-to-date statement and drop you an email to let you know that everything's been put right.

Your previous supplier should also update your account and send you a new statement if you need one.

What can I do to avoid a meter reading dispute?

Make sure you give us opening meter readings when you first switch over (anytime from 5 days before to 5 days after). This makes it easier for your old supplier – and us – to agree your opening and closing readings.

It's also a good idea to give us your meter readings every month. Then you'll know what you're using and we can make your statements more accurate.

How long can a dispute take?

It can take up to 8 weeks for gas and 14 weeks for electricity (it might take a little longer if we don't have enough – or the right – information).

What shall I do if I think my opening meter readings are wrong?

Just follow the steps below:

1. You need to take 2 sets of meter readings, at least 2 weeks apart, and send them to

2. We’ll take a look at them

3. If they look out of line, we’ll get in touch with your old supplier and start a reading dispute (your previous supplier might end up changing your final statement)

While we investigate things, you won’t get a statement from us, but we’ll carry on taking your Direct Debit as normal to cover your usage while the dispute is in progress.

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