Why are opening meter readings so important?

Your opening meter readings are some of the most important ones you give us – they let us open your account with all the right details, so you pay exactly the right amount from day one.

Why are opening meter readings so important

We need them between five days before and five days after your supply start date – and will send a letter or email to remind you.

If you don’t give us your opening meter readings when we ask for them, we’ll have to use estimated ones. These are sent to your old supplier too, so they can close your account and send you your final bill.

But why is an estimate a bad idea? 

Estimates can be potentially higher or lower than the actual amount of energy you have used in your home. So when it comes to paying your monthly bill, you may pay too much, or too little. So whichever way you look at it, it makes sense to start off on the right track by providing those opening meter readings.  

It’s easy in My OVO – and the ‘How do I read my meter’ question should help you master that meter if it’s your first time trying to give a reading.

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