Here at OVO, we’re all about making your life easier. Over the years, we’ve talked to a lot of our customers about how we can do that. The one thing that’s requested again and again is an easy way to manage your energy account online, with no need to pick up the phone. That’s why we built My OVO, our online account management portal. 

Why try My OVO? 

1. It’s often quicker than calling, and always quicker than emailing
2. You can do it at a time that suits you
3. We’ll give you a special discount

We’re pretty proud of how quickly we answer calls and the award-winning service you’ll receive once we’ve said hello. But let’s be honest – online is usually easier, no? 

Logging in to My OVO

If you’ve recently switched, you might not have tried My OVO yet. It’s really easy to get started managing your account online, especially with our handy step by step guide. There’s also help to find your account details, if you’re not sure where they are. 

What can you do in My OVO?

Give your meter readings, set up reminders to give meter readings, view statements, see how much energy you’re using, manage your Direct Debit, change your My OVO login details, keep your email address up-to-date, renew your plan with us and change your contact preferences.

Using My OVO 

Save time with our guide to renewing your plan online. There’s also info about what you can do using My OVO, and why it’s worthwhile for you. Why not have a browse, then try logging in?

Online account management discount

My OVO is a great way to save time – and getting to grips with online account management can save you money too. Find out how to get a discount of up to £60 a year by using My OVO. There’s information about why we offer a discount for online account management, and what we expect you to do to keep it too.

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What does the OVO app do for customers who pay monthly?
If you’re an OVO customer you can use the app to manage your OVO account and make life easier in all kinds of ways.
Your energy breakdown
Your energy breakdown is the fancy feature in My OVO that splits your energy consumption into individual appliance categories.
How do I find my account details?
A few days after you’ve signed up, we’ll send you all your account details, including your account number.
How do I get the online account management discount?
With any of our plans, you can save an extra £2.50 a month* for each fuel when you choose to manage your account completely online with My OVO.
How do I log into My OVO account online?
How do I log into My OVO account online?
My OVO is the place to take control of your account online. To log in for the first time, visit My OVO and follow the prompts. Or read on for a full guide.
What's online account management?
Online account management means using My OVO or the OVO apps to look after your account.
Why does OVO offer a discount for online account management?
We like to play fair at OVO; when we save, you save. That’s why we give you a discount if you manage your account online.
What should I do if an OVO customer has died?
If you’re making arrangements after the death of a friend or relation who was an OVO customer, please let us know as soon as possible so we can help.
How do I renew in My OVO?
Our step-by-step guide will show you how quick and easy it is to renew your energy plan in My OVO.
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