How do I find my account details?

A few days after you’ve signed up, we’ll send you all your account details, including your account number.

If your welcome letter goes missing or you can't find your details, there are several ways to find them again. Let’s take a look at finding your:

  • My OVO ID
  • Account number
  • MPAN and MPRN


You can log into My OVO, our online portal, using your My OVO ID (a string on 9 numbers starting with 1000) and password. But you can also use your email address or username (if you’ve set one in My OVO) and password.

  1. Find your My OVO ID on your statements, letters and emails

Your My OVO ID will be at the top of any of your statements, letters or emails.

  1. Get in touch 

If you can’t find your My OVO ID, give us a call on 0800 5999 440 or email

Your account number

This string of 7 numbers allows us to identify you and your home.

  1. Find your account number on our statements, letters and emails

Dig out any of our statements, letters or emails and you’ll find your account number at the top of every one.

  1. Find your account number in My OVO

Log in to My OVO using your email address or username (if you created one) and password. Once you’re in, look for ‘My Profile’ – your account number will be right at the top.

  1. Get in touch 

If you can’t find your account number either of those ways, give us a call on 0800 5999 440 or email


An MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) is the number that identifies your electricity supply. A MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) is the equivalent for your gas supply.

  1. Find your MPAN and MPRN in your welcome letter

We always put your MPAN and MPRN in your welcome letter, so try there first.

  1. Find your MPAN and MPRN in My OVO

If you can’t find it that way, log into My OVO using your My OVO ID, username or account number – and your password. Once you’re in, click the box called ‘My Profile’ and your MPAN and MPRN will be in there.

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