What's online account management?

Online account management means using My OVO or the OVO apps to look after your account.

You can use My OVO whenever you like – 24/7 – to manage your account online. That means visiting the site to:

  • Give your meter readings
  • Set up reminders to give meter readings
  • View statements
  • See how much energy you’re using
  • Manage your Direct Debit
  • Change your My OVO login details
  • Keep your email address up-to-date
  • Renew your plan with us
  • Change your contact preferences

You can do a lot of this using our OVO apps too – they’re available for iOS (Apple) and Android.

There are a few very good reasons to give it a try:

  1. It’s often quicker than calling, and always quicker than emailing
  2. You can do it at a time that suits you
  3. We’ll give you a special discount

Basically, if you’re up for saving us time and money by taking control of your account online, we’ll give you a financial thank you. It takes the shape of an online account management discount.

Matt explains what the online account management discount is.

At the moment, it’s £60 a year if you get both gas and electricity from us. If you get just one fuel, it’s £30.

It’s added to your account on a daily basis as £0.0822 per day and this is how it appears on our statements.

If you haven’t signed up for it yet, all you need to do is visit My OVO and sign up for the discount there. 

Once you’ve opted in, you’ll keep getting the discount as long as you visit My OVO or use an app to do the jobs above.

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