Your energy breakdown

Your energy breakdown is the fancy feature in My OVO that splits your energy consumption into individual appliance categories.

Using the magical power of data ‘disaggregation’, it shows you where your biggest energy costs are, plus the impact of any changes you make to your energy use.

How does it work?

It’s all thanks to your Smart Meter. When it’s set to share half-hourly data, the information we have on your overall energy use is coming to us regularly enough that we can categorise or ‘disaggregate’ it. 

It works in two ways:

True energy breakdown

The appliances in your home all act in unique ways. We can identify their impact on your energy bill by comparing patterns in your energy use to the patterns of energy used by typical appliances. 

We can also look at how much energy you’re using in the middle of the night to give us an accurate idea of your ‘standby load’. Eg. the energy you’re using on appliances that are never switched off properly. 

True energy breakdown will disaggregate 25-40% of your energy use. 

Rule-based energy breakdown

The remaining 60-75% is split by looking at statistics for things like, the energy consumption of people in your local area, the weather, and the season. You can also select items you have in your home to make this form of breakdown even more accurate.

Note: Unfortunately solar power generation has a negative impact on the accuracy of the energy breakdown results. 

The appliance categories

iPhone energy breakdown my ovo

Always on

Energy used by appliances while they’re in standby mode (TVs, computers, monitors, printers and stereos etc).


This includes consumer electronics (TVs, games consoles, stereos) and computer products (laptops, routers, printers, monitors). 


Any fridges and freezers in your home.


This is washing machines, dryers and dishwashers.


All your lights.


Your oven, electric hob, grill, toaster, kettle and any miscellaneous electric kitchen items.

Electric heating

Any form of electric heating you use in your home; radiant, convection, fan, storage, underfloor

Electric vehicle 

The energy used to charge an electric car.


Hairdryers, mobile chargers, alarm systems, irons, vacuum cleaners and anything else that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

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