How do I donate to OVO Foundation?

When you switch to OVO or renew your contract, we’ll ask if you’d like to make a donation. You can also opt to donate in the middle of a contract.

If you get your energy from OVO, it’s really easy to donate to OVO Foundation. And it’s a great way to give to charity – because OVO Energy will match every penny you choose to donate. 

How to donate to OVO Foundation

You can sign up at any time. You can opt in when you first join OVO, or once you're on board, you can start donating via My OVO. You'll also see a reminder when you renew your contract - where you can opt-in, or if you're already donating, change the amount you give - OVO will match it, penny for penny.

How to donate to OVO Foundation if you haven’t joined OVO yet

At the moment, we’re only set up to accept donations from OVO customers, so is it time to consider switching? As well as the opportunity to get involved in OVO Foundation, you’ll get great value energy and a simpler energy life. See if you’ll save on the quote and switch page.

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