How is OVO Foundation funded?

When OVO customers make a monthly donation, we match that amount - doubling our power to make positive changes. We also cover all administration and staff costs, so 100% of the donations go straight to our amazing projects.

Over the years, OVO Energy has done a lot to give back. You can read all about that in this blog post about our relationship the innovative rainforest preservation charity Cool Earth.

Then back in 2014, we decided to expand OVO Energy’s charitable giving and bring caring closer to home – we launched our own charity, OVO Foundation

The idea is to do even more good stuff, in the three areas that matter most to us: education, youth poverty and energy and the environment.

More than just money 

Our aim is to do more than tick a CSR box by donating to charity. We share ideas and expertise, multiplying the impact we can make. Head of OVO Foundation and CSR, Gaby Sethi explains: 

“Our approach to providing grants is different to many other charitable foundations. We're innately curious, so we want to understand the root causes of the problem before we decide what or where we should fund. This approach means that we research important issues so we can work out where the funding gaps are and identify projects where we can have the biggest positive impact.”

Doubling every donation

If you’re an OVO customer, OVO Foundation is a great way to give to charity – because OVO Energy will match every penny you choose to donate. How to donate 

When you switch to OVO or renew your contract, we’ll ask if you’d like to make a donation. You can also start donating anytime during your contract or change your donation amount in My OVO

Every penny donated is spent on projects 

OVO Energy covers all of OVO Foundation’s running costs. That means that 100% of every donation is spent on making a difference – so as well as doubling your donation power, you can be certain that your money is working hard to deliver positive outcomes. 

Is OVO Foundation a registered charity?

Yes. OVO Foundation’s charity registration number is 1155954.  It is independent and regulated by the Charity Commission. Find out more about what it means to be a registered charity on the Charity Commission website.

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