How do I reconnect after going off supply?

It’s very easy to restart your energy supply, but it’s different according to whether you’re reconnecting an electricity or gas meter.

Reconnecting when you’ve run out of credit

If you’ve run out of credit, the first thing to do is obviously to top up your meter, so you’ll need to get to a PayPoint and put some credit on your Smart payment card (or your prepayment key or card if you’ve got a prepayment meter). 

If you’re on Smart PAYG+, you can also top up through My OVO or our PAYG app.

You’ll need to be in credit with a positive balance for your energy to reconnect, so check your balance before making the top-up. If you’ve been using your emergency credit for a while, keep in mind that we don’t take any standing charges (or debt repayment, if you owe us money) from emergency credit. So those charges will come off as a lump sum when you next top up.

That means you’ll need to top up enough to cover your standing charges, debt repayment and the emergency credit you’ve used – plus enough to make sure you’ve got a positive balance – to get back on supply. 

What to do next

If you’ve got a traditional meter, it will reconnect as soon as you put in your top-up. If it doesn’t reconnect, please call us on 0800 358 3523 or 01173 701 041.

If you’ve got a smart meter, you’ll need to restart it manually – here’s what to do next for either electricity or gas.

Reconnecting your smart meter to get back on supply:

Use your meter keypad. 

Smart meter keypad OVO Energy

Once you’ve topped up, or if you’re reconnecting after a power cut, the supply icon on your meter display screen will change from ‘OFF’ to ‘READY’ like this:

OFF READY Smart meter screen OVO Energy

The screen will tell you to press A (in the bottom left corner of your keypad), and then A again to connect.

Press A OVO Energy Smart meter screen

Connect OVO Energy Smart meter screen

It will then ask you to press B (in the bottom left corner of your keypad) to confirm your instruction. When ‘CONFIRM’ appears on the screen,  your gas supply should be up and running again. 

For your safety, make sure your boiler pilot light is relit and there’s no gas escaping from any fires, hobs or gas ovens that were being used when the gas went off.

If your meter disconnected during a power cut that’s still going on

If a power cut lasts for a while and you want updates on what’s happening, please telephone the power cut helpline – just dial 105.

The gas meter screen showed ‘VEND’ instead of ‘CONNECT’ – what does that mean?

If you press A and the screen says ‘VEND’ instead of ‘CONNECT’, your top-up hasn’t worked – probably because your home area network isn’t working at the moment.

If this happens, you’ll have to enter your top-up receipt number by hand. Find your top-up receipt and type the number into your IHD. If there’s no connection, you can use your meter keypad – just press A to start. You can find full instructions here

If your meter shows an ‘overload’ message

  1. Turn off all gas appliances.
  2. Slowly turn off the isolation valve.
  3. Slowly turn the isolation valve back on.
  4. Reignite the gas appliances one at a time. 

Follow the instructions above to reconnect your meter and get back on supply.


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