How do I save energy in winter?

Here at OVO, we’re always looking for ways to help you save energy and money. Here’s our roundup of tips, guides and ideas to reduce what you use and spend.

If you only do 5 things to save on your energy bill this winter:

  1. Only boil what you need – if you just want a cuppa, don’t boil a full kettle.
  2. Call the Centre for Sustainable Energy – it’s free, and they’ll give personalised advice. Get the number here
  3. Run full loads – and use the economy  or ‘eco’ setting on your washing machine and dishwasher if you have one. 
  4. Turn the heating down 1 degree – you’ll barely feel it, and the savings soon add up.
  5. Get to grips with grants – there’s lots of help out there if you’re on a low income, receive benefits or are over 65. Learn more

All these tips are 100% FREE so there’s no reason not to start saving straight away. 

Do you have night storage heaters? 

If you use electricity to heat your home, it’s likely that you have night storage heaters. 

These heaters work best on the Economy 7 tariff – find our guide to that here – but can be expensive if you don’t use them properly. 

You might also be interested in the CSE’s night storage heater guide page.

Save over £100 with the Energy Saving Trust’s top tips

Energy experts at the Energy Saving Trust have run the numbers on lots of ways to save energy this winter. Here are our favourites – together they represent over £100 in annual savings. 

Save £30+ annually by turning appliances off at the plug instead of using standby mode. 
Turning off lights – even for just a few minutes – soon adds up. The Trust estimates you’ll save £15 annually if you switch off.
Shower smarter with an energy efficient shower head – if could save  you £60+ if your shower isn’t electric.
You can save an extra £10 a year per person by shaving just 60 seconds off your shower time. 
Draught bust to save £35+ – though there’s some outlay for DIY materials, the savings soon add up. 

See all their recommendations – and how they worked the savings out – in this energy saving quick wins article.

OVO guides to help you save energy this winter

Ask Santa for a fridge this Christmas
Fridges and freezers are the one appliance you can’t switch off. They use electricity 24 hours a day, so it’s really important to make sure they’re running as efficiently as possible. Read our guide to energy efficient fridges and freezers here

Tame the tumble dryer
Keeping up with the never-ending laundry uses lots of time – and energy. Ready our guide to the most energy efficient wash here

The ultimate guide to energy saving light bulbs
Lindsay Wilson has five questions you need to ask to save energy – learn them here.

Stop your standby habit
Turning off appliances and technology at the plug is seriously wasteful when it comes to energy. So is charging phones and laptops when they’re already full. Learning how much power all these sleeping appliances cost can be a great motivator to walk across the room and flip the switch. Full guide here.

Energy monitors explained 
Are they worth it? Can you get one? Can your IHD or PAYG+ app do the same job – read the guide to find out. 

120 ways to save energy
We've created a comprehensive guide for you  – read it now

To heat – or not to heat?
Is it more energy efficient to leave the heating on all day? It seems logical that the less time you keep your heating switched on, the less it will cost you.  But is that always true? Find out here

Choosing energy-efficient heaters for your home
Find out which is the best electric heater or gas fire to supplement your central heating. Get the guide.

Energy-saving devices
This quick and easy guide is packed with tips and gadgets to help you cut your fuel bills – you may even have some of them already!  Take a look.

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