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Smart PAYG

You could get this extra flexibility by opting to be on PAYG rather than traditional Pay As You Go. All you need is a Smart prepayment meter and a bank card.

Not sure if your meter is a Smart prepayment version?

Well, if you top up your energy instead of paying by monthly Direct Debit, you've got a prepayment meter. And if it has an IHD (In-Home Display), it's probably a Smart Meter.

If you're on traditional Pay As You Go (PAYG) with an old dumb meter, but you've got a bank card and you'd like to know more about changing to a Smart Meter, look through this section to see if it would suit you. You can also discover the differences between traditional PAYG and smarter PAYG .


The extra benefits of PAYG

PAYG makes it easy to top up your gas and electricity meters whenever you want, however you like. You can do it by phone (mobile or landline), by text, online or through our OVO Apps.

You could also set up automatic payments from your card to top up your energy credit on the same day each month. Or make a payment whenever your credit falls to a given level, so you're never in danger of running out of gas or electricity.

PAYG lets you do plenty of other things too, like using one of our OVO Apps to check how long it is before you next need to top up - or setting text or email alerts if your credit is running low.

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I’m on PAYG – how do I add credit manually on a smart meter?
If you use our PAYG service (not PAYG+) and a top-up doesn’t show up on your IHD or smart meter, you may need to add credit manually.
Can I add credit manually on my IHD or smart meter?
If you top up at a PayPoint but it doesn’t show up on your IHD you may need to add credit manually. You can do this on either your IHD or your smart meter.
What happens if I have a PAYG smart meter and I move home?
On the move? Here’s how to achieve a smooth handover when you move home – and how to help the new tenants or owners understand the PAYG smart meter.
What happens if my smart meter runs out of credit?
If you’re about to run out of credit for gas or electricity (or both if you’re on Smart PAYG+), your smart meter can give you plenty of warning.
How much of my PAYG credit will go towards repaying my debt?
If you’re in debt to us, and you agree to pay it back through your PAYG meter, we’ll take some of your credit towards repaying your debt each time you top up.
How do I read my smart meter screen?
On Smart PAYG Standard but your IHD’s not working? On Smart PAYG+ but can’t access My OVO or the OVO Energy app? Then you may need to use your smart meter screen.
How do I get my emergency credit on my smart meter?
Run out of credit on your smart meter and can’t top it up straight away? Activating your emergency credit will get you extra credit to keep your energy flowing.
What should I do if my smart meter goes off supply?
If one of your smart meters goes off supply for any reason, it’s important to act fast to get it going again.
What’s ‘single wallet’ for Smart PAYG+?
It’s your wallet of credit – or Smart PAYG+ balance – that both your gas and electricity meters dip into at the same time, as and when they need it.
Do you have an app for my smart meter?
Yes. Once you’ve got a smart meter installed, you can use our OVO Energy app with Smart PAYG+ – it’s available for Android and Apple devices.

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