Can I add credit manually on my IHD or smart meter?

If you top up at a PayPoint but it doesn’t show up on your IHD you may need to add credit manually. You can do this on either your IHD or your smart meter.

There may be times when your meter and your Smart payment card aren’t communicating with each other or you can’t get a signal in your home area network. If so, you might make a top-up at a PayPoint top-up but when you get home you find it hasn’t reached your meter. If so, you’ll need to do a manual top-up.

How can I tell if a payment hasn’t reached my meter?

You’ll know that a top-up payment hasn’t reached your meter if:

  • You’ve topped up at a PayPoint but there’s nothing showing on your In-Home Display (IHD)
  • Or you want to reconnect your gas meter, but when you press A the screen says ‘VEND’ instead of ‘CONNECT’

If either of these things happen, you’ll have to enter your top-up manually on your IHD or meter keypad. 

To carry out this manual top-up, you’ll need the 20-digit number that appears on your PayPoint receipt – so make sure you always keep your receipts when you make a top-up and bring them home with you.

Using your IHD to add credit manually

OVO Energy IHD screen main menu

On your IHD main menu screen, tap the ‘Account’ button - this button is shown as a card with two coins behind it.

Electricity Gas Transaction IHD OVO Energy

Tap  ‘Electricity’ or ‘Gas’, whichever you want to top up.

Vend code keypad IHD OVO Energy

Tap in the 20-digit code from your PayPoint top-up receipt. 

If you get anything wrong, tap the delete button to backtrack one number at a time.

Once you’re sure you’ve typed in the entire number, tap ‘Enter’.

The screen will tell you if the code has worked and your meter’s topped up. 

If not, you may have entered one digit wrong – the number buttons are quite small, so you might have entered the number above or below by mistake. Check the digits carefully and use the delete button to go back through the numbers to find the error.

Using your meter keypad to add credit manually

Smart meter keypad OVO Energy

To start, press the blue ‘A’ key. 

‘VEND MODE’ will appear on your screen.

Vend mode OVO Energy smart meter screenType in your 20-digit code. Once you’ve started, the blue ‘A’ key turns into a delete button, so if you get anything wrong, just press it to backtrack and delete one number at a time.

Once you’ve put in all 20 digits, press ‘B’. Your meter will then either accept or reject the code. If it accepts it, you’ll see ‘ACCEPTED’, then the amount you’ve topped up, and ‘ADDED’.

Accepted OVO Energy smart meter screenAdded OVO Energy smart meter screen

However, if something’s gone wrong and the meter can’t accept the number, you’ll see one of these screens:

Rejected OVO Energy Smart meter screenDuplicate OVO Energy Smart meter screenIncorrect OVO Energy smart meter screenOVO Energy Incomplete Smart meter screen

Start again and re-enter your 20-digit code, checking each number carefully as you go.

If you try to enter the wrong code 5 times, the meter screen will show ‘KEY LOCKED’ and won’t let you enter anything for the next 20 seconds. Just wait and try again after 20 seconds.

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