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Do you have an app for my smart meter?

Yes. Once you’ve got a smart meter installed, you can use our OVO Energy app with Smart PAYG+ – it’s available for Android and Apple devices.

Our OVO Energy app is free to download. It’s the easy way to top up and keep track of your top ups and usage when you’re on PAYG+. 

Get started by visiting the Play Store or App Store and searching ‘OVO Energy’. Download, and give it a try. 

Once you open the app, you’ll see this menu:

  • Top Up
  • Schedule Top up
  • Top Up History
  • Usage
  • Help & Feedback

Top Up

Top up in an instant by tapping ‘Top Up’ and picking how much credit you want. You can add £5, £10, £20, £50 or your own figure. Then click ‘Confirm’.

Top up now OVO Energy PAYG app

Schedule Top Up

You can set 2 types of top ups – auto and rolling.

Schedule Auto top up OVO Energy PAYG app

Auto top ups

Auto top ups are a common-sense solution to keep your energy on, all the time. Just tell us your lower credit limit, and how much you want to top up. Then whenever your credit drops below your lower limit, we’ll automatically top up your meter with the amount you chose.

Here’s how to schedule an auto top up: 

Auto top up OVO Energy PAYG app

It’ll say ‘Automatically top up my account with £__ when my balance is lower than £__’. You just fill in the amounts and then click ‘Activate’.

Rolling top ups

Forgetting to top up is a thing of the past. Set how much you want to top up, and how frequently, for example weekly or when you get paid. The payments will come off your registered card, so you’ll never go overdrawn accidentally like a Direct Debit.

Here’s how to schedule a rolling top up: 

Rolling top up OVO Energy PAYG app

It’ll say ‘Top up my account with £__ every __ month(s) starting ______’. Here you add the amount, the frequency and the date you’d like top ups to start. Then click ‘Activate’.

Top Up History

Here you can keep tabs on what you’ve spent and when, and how you topped up.

Top up history OVO Energy PAYG app

It’s easy to keep track of how much energy you’re using with our OVO Energy app. See how much you’ve spent so far by month, week or day – just click ‘Monthly’, ‘Weekly’ or ‘Daily’ from the menu at top of the screen.

Help & Feedback

There’s a feedback form in the app so you can talk to us – use it to report a problem, tell us how we can improve the app, or anything else that springs to mind.

Energy usage OVO Energy PAYG app

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