How can I use my IHD to make sure I don’t run out of credit?

Your In-Home Display (IHD) has a range of functions to help you keep an eye on your credit levels and set alerts to make sure you don’t run out of credit.

Can the IHD warn me when I’m getting low on credit?

Yes – when your credit falls to a set level, a message will appear on your main menu screen. If you don’t top up but keep using energy, your IHD will send you another message when your credit is almost used up. At that stage it will also ask if you want to activate your emergency credit.

You can use your ‘Settings’ menu to choose a level of credit when your IHD automatically sends you a message. If you don’t set a level, it will use our pre-set default levels.

If you go to the ‘Account info’ screen on your IHD, the LED lights along the top of your IHD should come on and they can also let you know if your credit is low. They are normally green, but as your credit falls they change from green to amber and then red. Once they reach red, your credit is very low and you may need to activate your emergency credit.

On other screens, the lights show how close you’re getting to your daily use targets – so if you’re checking on your credit levels you need the ‘Account info’ screen.

There aren’t any lights on the top of my IHD – how do I switch them on?

If the lights don’t come on, they’re probably switched off in your ‘Settings’ menu. It’s easy to switch them on:

  • Go to the main menu
  • Tap the ‘Settings’ menu
  • Tap the button by ‘LEDs’ so it changes from ‘Off’ to ‘On’

How do I choose a level for the IHD to alert me when my credit’s getting low?

If you want to change the level at which the IHD alerts you, to give you more time to top up your credit, just use the ‘Settings’ menu. Go to the IHD main menu screen. Tap the ‘Settings’ button in the bottom right corner.

IHD Settings OVO Energy

Tap the button beside ‘Credit Alert’ (bottom left).

IHD Low Credit Alert OVO Energy

For electricity, tap the button beside the electricity lightning symbol.

IHD Settings Keypad OVO Energy

Use the keypad to enter the credit level when you’d like to be alerted – for example, when you’ve got £5 worth of credit left in your electricity meter – and then tap the ‘OK’ button.

This takes you back to the ‘Targets’ screen, where you can tap the gas flame symbol to set a gas target.

When you’ve tapped ‘OK’ on the keypad screen to set your daily gas target, you’ll be back at the ‘Targets’ screen.

Tap the ‘OK’ button at the foot of the screen. This takes you back to the ‘Settings’ screen and you can tap ‘Menu’ to return to the main menu if you want.

What other targets can I set in the ‘Settings’ screen?

You can also visit this screen to set targets for your carbon emissions and daily energy use, to help you measure and control the amount of energy you use – and use this information to reduce your energy bills.

How will the IHD let me know I’ve nearly reached my minimum credit level?

When your credit has nearly run out, your IHD will display a message on the main menu screen, warning you that you’ll go off supply soon, and prompting you to activate your emergency credit.

If you’re in your gas or electricity ‘Account info’ screen on the IHD, you’ll also be alerted by the lights on the top of your IHD. There are two sets: electricity on the left and gas on the right.

If one of them turns orange, your credit for that fuel is getting low.

If it’s red, you really need to top up straight away.

Do the lights always refer to my credit level?

No. They can also refer to the amount of energy you’re using – but only if you’re looking at the main menu or ‘Usage Now’ screens on your IHD. If you are, the lights will start letting you know about the amount of energy you’re using, rather than the amount of credit you have left.

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