How do I get started with the OVO Energy app on Smart PAYG+?

Once you’ve had your smart meter installed, it’s simple. Just get your bank card ready and we’ll show you what to do next.

With Smart PAYG+, you can still top up the old way by going to a PayPoint outlet. But, more conveniently, you can also top up anywhere by text, through My OVO – or with the OVO Energy app (it’s free to download at Apple App Store or Google Play).

All you need is a bank card to get started.

Register your bank card

  1. Log in and go to the ‘Your Account’ area and select ‘Add a payment card’.
  2. Fill in the details for the account you want to use for top ups and press ‘Register card’.

Through the app you can also:  

  • See how long you’ve got until you next need to top up. No need to go to your meter to find out.
  • Create automatic card payments to top up credit on a regular date – it’s the ease of Direct Debit with no risk of going overdrawn.
  • Set top up payments to go out when your credit gets to a certain level so you never go off supply unexpectedly.
  • Get reminders by text or email when your credit is running low.

If you haven’t got a smartphone, don’t worry. You can also top up by text, through My OVO on your computer or at your nearest PayPoint outlet.

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