How do I read my smart meter screen?

On Smart PAYG Standard but your IHD’s not working? On Smart PAYG+ but can’t access My OVO or the OVO Energy app? Then you may need to use your smart meter screen.

Just occasionally, your smart devices won’t communicate with each other either – which means your PayPoint top-ups won’t show on your In-Home Display (IHD). Or your online, app or text payments won’t reach your account.

If so, you’ll need to know your way around your smart meter display screen.

You’ll also need to use your meter screen if your gas supply gets cut off and you need to reconnect it. So here’s a quick guide to what’s where.

Spotting the right symbols

Smart meters are designed to work all over the world, and with a range of energy systems, so there are some symbols you can simply ignore – such as the € sign for euros.

You can tell which symbols apply to you and your smart meter, because they’re black, while the ones that aren’t relevant to you will look grey.

Here’s an example of a smart meter screen.

Smart meter OVO Energy

  1. If you have a Feed-In Tariff, these symbols show whether you’re currently importing or exporting electricity.
  2. This tells you whether your energy is ON, OFF or READY. The plug symbol refers to your electricity, and the flame is gas. In this illustration, the plug is black while the flame is grey, so the information refers to electricity. If your screen shows OFF or READY, your meter’s off supply, so you need to wake it up and get it back on supply. You’ll find full instructions here.
  3. If you can see this envelope, it means we’ve sent you a message – possibly to let you know you’re low on credit, or alert you to a price change. This is only relevant if you’re on Smart PAYG Standard and have an IHD – in which case, if you see the envelope icon, check your IHD for the message.
  4. This tells you which unit of energy you’re looking at. M³ (cubic metres) is gas and kWH (kilowatt hours) is electricity.
  5. HAN stands for home area network. This is the network that your smart meters use to communicate with each other, and with your IHD. The symbol on the screen shows that the meter has been set up to provide a HAN network, although it may not be communicating with other devices if it hasn’t yet been linked to them.
  6. These shapes become letters or numbers, to give you messages or show you amounts, such as how much energy you’ve used, or how much credit you’ve got.

If the problems continue

Although it’s perfectly acceptable to use your meter keypad and screen, if your smart devices carry on being unable to communicate with each other, there may be something wrong. If so, please get in touch to let us know.

Call us on 0800 358 3523 or on our landline number 01173 701 041 – we’re around Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm, and Saturday 9am – 5pm.



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