What happens if I have a PAYG smart meter and I move home?

On the move? Here’s how to achieve a smooth handover when you move home – and how to help the new tenants or owners understand the PAYG smart meter.

If you’re leaving your current home, please contact us on the day you move out. Call us on 0800 358 3523 or 01173 701 041 – we’re around Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm, and Saturday 9am – 5pm.

We’ll need to know your moving date and new address, plus details of the new owner or tenant. 

What happens if I still owe OVO money when I move home?

If you have any outstanding debt on your account, you’ll need to pay it off. When you call to tell us about your move, we’ll explain your options and help you decide on the best way forward.

Do I need to leave any information or kit for the person moving in?

If you have payment cards or an In-Home Display (IHD), please leave them for the new owner or tenant.

They won’t work with any other meter, so there’s no point in taking them with you, and the person moving in will need them.

If we left you any printed guides, such as Your guide to In-Home Displays (IHDs) and smart meters or Your guide to Pay As You Go (PAYG), please also leave them for the new owner or tenant.

You can find more information about moving home here

If there’s an OVO smart meter in your new home

If the people moving out of your new home were OVO customers, we’ll write to you when you move in to let you know that we’re your energy providers and explain how to set up a new OVO energy account. 

Please get in touch with us straight away so we can sort this out for you. With a new Smart PAYG+ account, you could top up your meter remotely online or through our OVO Energy app, so we’ll do our best to set one up for you. 

In the meantime, ask the person moving out to leave you their payment cards and IHD if they have them. 

If you’re not sure who’s supplying the energy in your new home, get in touch with us and we’ll find out for you. You can email us, or call us on 0800 358 3523 or 01173 701 041 – we’re around Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm, and Saturday 9am – 5pm.

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